Yoke POS

Scalable, cost-friendly point of sale solution for any business.

The Yoke POS is a dynamic, point of sale solution that will excite, entice, and reward consumers at your unattended retail locations.

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Elevate your customer’s self-checkout experience.

The Yoke POS is a powerful, cost-friendly terminal solution for your micro market or self-service business. From the intelligently placed credit card reader and barcode scanner to the flexible mounting system, and multiple connectivity modes, all of Yoke POS’s capabilities were designed to better serve consumers and simplify any self-checkout process.

What’s Included:

  • 10.5” Tablet with Metal Enclosure, Built-in LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Bar Code Scanner

enable a simplified checkout

Enable a simplified checkout.

Creating an easy access self-service experience all hinges on an intuitive checkout process built with the consumer in mind. Yoke POS provides hardware and software designed to service customers intelligently and efficiently.

  • Intuitive tablet design experience
  • Sleek, secure metal enclosure holds all components in place
  • Supports tap, chip and swipe, as well as Apple and Google Pay
  • Flexible customization options for promoting your brand

Plug and play meets grow and scale.

Say goodbye to clunky, expensive, space-consuming point of sales. Yoke POS is entirely plug & play and designed to fit any space, providing you a cost-effective kiosk solution for all locations.

  • Clean, streamlined design
  • Reliable connectivity options with Wi-Fi and cellular support
  • Mounting options that include tabletop, wall, and floor stands
  • Cost-effective kiosk enables you to install at more locations

A mobile app for every customer, with Yoke Pay.

Put all the great capabilities of Yoke POS in your consumers’ hands with Yoke Pay, our easy-to-use mobile app. Avoid long lines building at the kiosk and let consumers simply shop, scan a product, and pay, all via the Yoke Pay app.

  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Easy account creation and market finder with geo-location or a QR code
  • Allow consumers to view deals, promotions, and loyalty points
  • Send push notifications to your consumer’s phone to drive sales

Unlock exclusive deals and promotions.

Drive sales and engage more consumers with bundled deals and product promotions. Inside the Yoke Portal, our web-based software, easily customize deals to drive higher spend per transaction and bigger cart sizes.

  • Gives partners and patrons a reason to come back for more
  • Flexibility to deploy a wide variety of promotion types
  • Select from Basic or Advanced deal settings and get creative
  • Display deals on the kiosk and via the Yoke Pay app
exclusive deals and promotions

loyalty program

Reward your customers with a loyalty program.

Enhance your micro market or self-service experience and drive long-term sales and growth with a loyalty program that rewards your most frequent customers and encourages return visits.

  • Create point accumulation programs with customizable reward tiers
  • Drive Yoke account creation with exclusive access to rewards or deals
  • Customizable for every location
  • Support Health & Wellness Programs with loyalty points

Establish complete visibility with real-time insights.

Yoke POS includes full access to the Yoke Portal, our web-based software where you can easily manage your customer locations, consumer accounts, deal creation, reporting and more. Integrate Yoke POS with Seed to unlock more powerful time-saving functionalities.

  • Monitor kiosk uptime and connectivity in real-time
  • Create and manage your promotions and loyalty programs
  • Reply directly to consumer support tickets or issues through the Yoke Portal
  • Easily integrate with Seed for better inventory management, greater routing and back-office efficiencies

Try the Yoke ROI calculator.

See how your average vending machine location performs compared to a Yoke micro market with our personalized calculator. View your expected sales, costs, and gross margin for both types of locations.

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