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3 Ways to Scale Your Micro Market Business

April 27, 2018 | By Terry Hovis

3 Ways to Scale Your Micro Market Business

One of the biggest challenges operators face today in the micro market segment is how to grow fast, but efficiently. It’s scary to want to install more micro markets at a rapid pace when you know that you have challenges managing inventory, shrinkage, or product waste in your existing locations today. How do you justify adding more to that uncontrolled environment? Well, here are 3 ways to scale your micro market business effectively and efficiently with Seed Markets, by USA Technologies.

#1: Inventory Smarter, Not Harder! 

Instead of having your driver do a full market inventory, just have him inventory the different sections of the market based on your preferred frequency. With Seed Markets, drivers are able to easily inventory various sections of the market within minutes. Drivers can leverage the Seed Mobile app to inventory in a planogram style format, similar to how they inventory a vending machine with Seed. To reduce time even more, have your driver use a barcode scanner while taking inventory. Combining these inventory techniques with Seed Markets flexibility, an operator can cut an average full market inventory down from 45 minutes to only 15 minutes.

#2: Leverage Dynamic Scheduling to Service Micro Markets! 

When a driver services a market without Seed Markets he is typically touching every aspect of the market. For example, he will have beverages to stock, as well as fresh food, and snacks to replenish in his totes. What if your driver only serviced the sections of the market that actually needed to be serviced? With Seed’s dynamic scheduling tool, operators can ensure their driver is only touching a given section of the market that needed the actual service. This can reduce the time it takes to service a market in half.

#3: Ensure Your Micro Markets are Profitable!  

When you run multiple software platforms it can be challenging to know if your micro market, vending and office coffee services for one customer is actually bringing back a good return on your investment. With the Seed platform, you have the visibility to run P&L reporting and financial reporting with a click of a button. Instead of pulling data from multiple systems into one excel file and spending time consolidating the data, you can quickly leverage Seed to skip that process, and instantly start analyzing the P&L report for all services at one account or multiple accounts.

In order to scale your business, whether in vending, markets or office coffee services, you need to ensure that you have full visibility into the success of your accounts. At the end of the day we all want to run profitable businesses, so it is important to partner with the right technology provider. With the combined power of USA Technologies and Cantaloupe Systems, you can now leverage the only enterprise platform built specifically for unattended retail.

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Terry Hovis

Director of Implementation

With more than 30 years serving the vending industry, Terry has had experience working at a vending operation from the ground up and implementing technology to improve business processes. Today, he gets to use that experience to help customers overcome the fear and challenges of technology, so they can ultimately live an easier life with software.

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