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Mike Cascione Jr.,​ Group C
Tim McAra,​ Continental Cafe
Bradlee Whitson, K&R Vending Services
Jonathan Abernathy, Empire Vending

For every one micro market with other solutions, we can have ten Yoke markets because it is just that cost-effective. The entire vision of the Yoke Platform and it’s Yoke Pay mobile app is bar none.

Mike Cascione Jr.,​ Group C

My warehouse leadership team has been through other operating systems in the past, and could not be more pleased with what Seed promised, what they’re delivering, and what the future holds.​

Tim McAra,​ Continental Cafe

Seed has given me 100% control and visibility over my entire business including vending, markets and office coffee service. I know my customers are getting the best service, products, and experience every time they visit one of our locations. ​

Bradlee Whitson, K&R Vending Services

Cantaloupe’s Seed Cloud platform delivers a comprehensive IT automation solution that is well suited to the needs of Empire Vending and has allowed us to scale the business efficiently, as we continue ​ to grow. ​

Jonathan Abernathy, Empire Vending

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ePort Engage Series

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What’s Included:

  • 10.5” Tablet with Metal Enclosure, Built-in LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Bar Code Scanner

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Resources for a truly enjoyable point of sale.

The Future of Micro Markets

Today, only 41% of Americans report carrying any amount of cash with them.

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Resources for the business grower in you.

pymnts.com / cantaloupe

38% of consumers would like to try non-traditional, unattended shopping experiences.

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the future of unattended retail study by PYMNTS

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Real customers, real results.

Sneaker Syndicate

45% increase in intake with cashless.

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“Cantaloupe has opened the door to the future of the amusement and vending industries, and it’s making that future happen today.”

Stewart Bryant, Owner,
Sneaker Syndicate

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Make consumer protection a top priority.

The ePort® G10-Chip Kit by Cantaloupe elevates the standard for data protection through EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) acceptance, enabling unattended retailers to accept highly secure chip and tap payments. Through the ePort® G10-Chip Kit, you can generate consistent revenue by leveraging the benefit of cashless payment options all while protecting consumers from fraudulent usage of their credit and debit cards.

What’s Included:

  • G10-Chip card reader
  • G10 telemeter