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ePort Series

Essential cashless card readers to get you up and running.


Seed Software

Manage sales and device performance in one platform.

Manage your entire business in one place

Whether you’re opening your first location or you’re an industry veteran, we have the hardware and software to fit all your needs

  • Track sales and payments
  • See when devices are online and offline
  • Eliminate the guess work from scheduling
  • Utilize sales data for pre-picking

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Tim McAra,​ Continental Cafe
Bradlee Whitson, K&R Vending Services
Jonathan Abernathy, Empire Vending

My warehouse leadership team has been through other operating systems in the past, and could not be more pleased with what Seed promised, what they’re delivering, and what the future holds.​

Tim McAra,​ Continental Cafe

Seed has given me 100% control and visibility over my entire business including vending, markets and office coffee service. I know my customers are getting the best service, products, and experience every time they visit one of our locations. ​

Bradlee Whitson, K&R Vending Services

Cantaloupe’s Seed Cloud platform delivers a comprehensive IT automation solution that is well suited to the needs of Empire Vending and has allowed us to scale the business efficiently, as we continue ​ to grow. ​

Jonathan Abernathy, Empire Vending

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