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Empower Your Mobile Workforce with the Latest from Seed Mobile

February 4, 2021 | By Nicholas Tart

Empower Your Mobile Workforce with the Latest from Seed Mobile

Is your vending business stuck in the 90’s?

Are you or your drivers still using pen and paper to restock, take inventory, as well as manage your machines, micro markets, and OCS deliveries?

Imagine how much time, money, and effort you could save if your drivers had exact picks before they left the warehouse? Imagine perfect fills to hit par, a lightning-fast process of taking inventory on just the necessary machines, and an easy way to communicate back to the office, while on location.

Seed Mobile, our low-cost driver mobile app for Apple iPhones, iPods, and iPads—coupled with the Seed Platform—does all of that, and more, to bring your operation into the 21st century.

Service machines with speed and confidence

On average, Seed Mobile users save two minutes per service visit, which can add up to an hour or more each day. Drivers visit more machines, increase sales, and get back to the A/C an hour earlier than before.

Most operators cut down their number of routes by 20 to 30%!

By knowing the contents of every coil at any given time, Seed Mobile enables drivers to bring only exactly what’s needed to each machine, market, and delivery point. No more running to the machine, then back to the truck to pick, then back to the machine to restock. Plus, it allows drivers to track spoils and removals.

It’s like having a personal assistant that tracks everything on your route.

Keeps honest drivers honest and records clean with cash accountability

Ever wonder if your drivers get sticky fingers?

With Seed Mobile’s cash accountability, drivers are required to record coin refills and cash bag numbers so you will know exactly how much cash was pulled out of the machine, compared to how much cash is expected to remain. Then, compare the over/shorts over time with Seed’s Cash Accountability report.

As an added bonus, drivers will spend less time in front of machines with bags of cash, while employees and strangers circle about.

Take inventory only when you need to

Taking inventory couldn’t be easier with Seed Mobile. When the scheduler notices the current inventory level on a machine seems slightly off, they can ask the driver to do an immediate inventory check while on premise, standing in front of the machine.

In under 30 seconds, the driver simply inputs the inventory, coil-by-coil, and Seed Mobile updates those levels back in the Seed Platform.

Impress your customers with electronic signatures

No more printing invoices, nor inputting orders from crinkled receipts for your OCS customers! Seed Mobile enables drivers to simply drop off the items and collect a “sign-with-your-finger” signature on their mobile device in Seed Mobile.

Your customers will be wowed with how easy it is to work with your company.

Ease your mind with photo and video audits

Do you ever wonder how your machines look out in the field? Yet, it takes too much time out of your busy day to go check on them.

With Seed Mobile, drivers can take a photo or video in the mobile app, and it updates the machine within Seed.

There’s no longer a need to send a supervisor when a customer calls in. Quickly and easily cross-check the machine for empty coils, planogram discrepancies, and remotely diagnose problems without leaving the comfort of your desk.

Know what’s going on in the field with driver notes

The latest upgrade to Seed Mobile is driver notes!

Drivers use driver notes to communicate back to the office, in ways they never could before. This includes item changes, machine repairs, location updates, etc.

Previously they had to scribble down notes on paper or call into the office to notify a supervisor of machine requests, all while driving to the next service stop. Thanks to Seed Mobile, they can now quickly, easily, and safely deliver important messages back to the office, with the confidence of knowing that it’ll get to the right person.

Take advantage of the latest technology for your mobile-first workforce

Since launching in 2013, we’ve released dozens of Seed Mobile feature upgrades to help our customers run their operations better, and faster, than ever before.

There are thousands of drivers, working for the largest operators, who use Seed Mobile every day to manage their outfits’ machines, markets, and delivery points.

If you’re not using Seed Mobile, modernizes the operation, and your customers will notice the difference. No other driver handheld can compete, especially when coupled with Seed’s VMS Platform.


Nicholas Tart

Product Manager

Nick has eight years of experience building and growing SaaS products. He dove into unattended retail in 2019, as a Product Manager, to bring a modern perspective on a time-tested and fast-growing industry. He’s passionate about solving root problems for our customers and in turn, their customers.

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