Accept any payments,
anytime, anywhere.

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What can the Engage do for you?

Drive More Sales

Accept nearly every form of digital payment with a vibrant color touchscreen to draw in consumers.

Accept EMV Chip and EMV Tap.

Supports digital wallets and NFC payments.

Includes integrated magstripe reader.

Get Real-Time Data

Seamless integration with
Seed software
to keep your
business connected.

By integrating with the Seed Live portal, the ePort Engage provides operators real-time, remote data about their business and performance.

Secure Payments

PCI PTS 5.0 compliant device
for processing payments and data at the highest level of security.

With EMV certification, enhanced PCI Compliance, and anti-tamper safeguards, ePort Engage allows you to put a priority on security.

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Cantaloupe ONE is an easy way to grow your vending business. With our subscription-based package, there are no upfront costs for your card readers, no monthly interest payments, and no waiting for device deals. Know exactly what your monthly bill will be, every time.


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