ePort® G10-S Kit

Enable cashless acceptance.

Our ePort® G10-S Kit is a modular cashless payment and telemetry solution that helps boost sales through offering flexible payments at your unattended locations.

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Bring cashless payments to any environment.

The ePort® G10-S Kit by Cantaloupe is the industry’s first PCI compliant card reader and telemetry system with Verizon 4G/LTE Wireless services supporting indoor and outdoor applications. By accepting EMV contactless, magstripe, NFC card payments, as well as mobile wallets, the ePort®G10-S Kit enables unattended retailers to better serve consumers all while capturing key transaction data required to monitor and drive machine performance.

What’s Included:

  • G10-S card reader
  • G10 telemeter

cashless payment options

Satisfy consumers with painless transactions.

With high-speed wireless connections and minimalistic hardware, the ePort®G10-S achieves some of the fastest authorization responses in the industry to ensure machines remain connected.

  • Supports EMV contactless, credit/debit cards, NFC payment, and digital wallets
  • Multiple mounting options for increased accessibility
  • 24/7 support from Cantaloupe team members to decrease machine downtime

security lock

Protect your customers and your business.

PCI compliant and trusted by some of the world’s largest unattended retailers, ePort® G10-S is made for security, giving you peace of mind.

  • Upholds PCI-DSS compliance with regular audits
  • Strongly encrypts data for transmission to Seed Live
  • Competitive processing rates for accepting all card types
data performance chart

Capture real-time data for complete visibility.

By integrating with the Seed Live portal, the ePort®G10 telemeter provides operators real-time, remote data about their business and performance.

  • Device-level connectivity and health alerts
  • DEX telemetry for scheduling and servicing
  • Account payment reconciliation
  • Sales and product level reporting
eport card reader

Integrate into existing systems.

Our flexible ePort® G10-S telemeter can be paired with both an ePort® card reader and third-party card readers in order to unlock the benefits of ePort® Connect Services with your existing technology suite.

  • Seamless integration with all major VMS systems
  • Telemeter available separately as audit-only device, or paired with an ePort® card reader
  • Access Cantaloupe’s full suite of software services

Product Specifications

DeviceePort® G10-S Kit (card reader + telemeter)
ManufacturerCantaloupe, Inc.
AvailabilityUnited States
Payment ProcessorCantaloupe, Inc.
Payment MethodsEMV Contactless, NFC/RFID, Magstripe, Mobile Wallet, MORE Loyalty Card
Size of Card ReaderHeight: 4.1665″ Width: 3.2386″ Depth: 1.46″
Size of the TelemeterHeight: 5.40″ Width: 4.21″ Depth: 1.54″
Air InterfaceVerizon 4G/LTE or AT&T 4G/LTE with Diversity Antenna
Hardware Supported ConnectionsSerial, DEX, MDB, Pulse