ePort® G9 Kit

Go cashless in Canada.

Our ePort® G9 Kit is optimized to bring cashless payments and telemetry solutions to the Canadian market by accepting Interac Flash, magstripe, mobile wallet, and EMV Contactless.

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Increase sales through every transaction.

The ePort® G9 Kit by Cantaloupe includes advanced payment functionality such as Interac Flash contactless payment acceptance to bring cashless payments to the Canadian market. Beyond this, the ePort® G9 Kit is compatible with standard magstripe and mobile wallet payments to achieve the ultimate in cashless payment acceptance, all while compiling real-time sales, machine health, and performance data in Cantaloupe’s cloud-based platform.

What’s Included:

  • G9 card reader
  • G9 telemeter

cashless payment options

Accept diverse cashless payment methods.

The ePort® G9 card reader enables greater payment flexibility by accepting Interac Flash, magstripe, digital wallet, and NFC payments.

  • Accepts Canada’s most popular payment method, Interac Flash (tap)
  • Supports mobile wallets for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay
  • Real-time reconciliation for cash and cashless

security lock

Protect consumer data for more reliable transactions.

With the ePort G9’s ARM 9 processor, payment transactions are authorized quickly and securely with encrypted data for industry leading processing and protection.

  • Upholds the highest level of PCI compliance
  • Secures consumer financial data
  • Competitive processing rates for your business
payment data chart

Access real-time data for easier decision making.

Through DEX telemetry reports, the ePort® G9 Kit holistically captures payment data and separately tracks inputs for cash, credit, and contactless payments.

  • Deployed through ePort® Connect network for machine and operational data communication
  • Integrated DEX interface port
  • Device-level connectivity and health alerts
  • RSSI signal strength testing
software showing consumer insights

Receive machine-level metrics remotely.

Machine data from ePort® G9 devices is available through our cloud-based platform, enabling remote software updates and comprehensive consumer insights.

  • Access real-time sales information
  • Remote health alerts and machine activity
  • Stored data for consumer engagement reports

Product Specifications

DeviceePort® G9 Kit (card reader + telemeter)
ManufacturerCantaloupe, Inc.
Payment ProcessorCantaloupe, Inc.
Payment MethodsInterac Flash (tap), NFC/RFID, Magstripe, Mobile Wallet, EMV Contactless
Size of Card ReaderHeight: 4.1665″ Width: 3.2386″ Depth: 1.46″
Size of the TelemeterHeight: 5.40″ Width: 4.21″ Depth: 1.54″
Air InterfaceDedicated Dual Band CDMA 1xRTT
Hardware Supported ConnectionsSerial, DEX, MDB, Pulse