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Phoenix Goes on Tour with Merch Vending Machine

August 8, 2017 | By Maeve Duska

Phoenix Goes on Tour with Merch Vending Machine

As we mentioned a few weeks back, Phoenix, the popular french rock band, has been making headlines for its decision to bring a vending machine, aptly named, Super Mercato, on the band’s world tour to sell merchandise and promote their recently released album, Ti Amo. The Super Mercato pop-up shop makes it easy for fans to pick up merchandise using credit cards or mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay or Android Pay, a perfect solution for their busy and technologically savvy (primarily post Millennial) fan base.

We caught up with Matt Sadie, artist manager at United Management and he said that the idea to work with a vending machine was initially something that came from the band directly. They wanted to create a fun experience for fans and one that would echo the themes of their new album, Ti Amo. He continued, “Working closely with USA Technologies, our team customized the machine down to the smallest detail, giving it a lot of character and aligning it with the aesthetic and fantasy behind the band’s new record. This is something that fans have really reacted to, especially after including the machine in social media videos and music videos. The machine really took on a life of its own. On a commercial level, it also had practical advantages too, giving us the ability to expand the range of goods beyond those sold at the traditional merchandise table. We even had the machine resident at Amoeba Records in Hollywood following the band’s performance at the Hollywood Bowl in June. Over the next year, the machine will travel with the band around the world, taking up residency from time to time along the way. We’ve seen a huge reaction with the press as well as from fans online including filming their experience at the machine, to showing the vast lines of people lining up to buy a souvenir. Financially, it has been very consistent and a great addition to the merchandise revenue of the band.”

Watch the video to see “Super Mercato” in action.

We are excited about what Phoenix and other pioneering artists are doing to shake up fan merchandising through vending machines. These unattended merchandise machines unlock new opportunities for the band to connect and market to fans plus they get an accurate count on what is selling most and preferred payment methods. We look forward to more rockin’ collaborations!


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