4 Ways to Grow Revenue & Streamline Your Amusement Operations

4 Ways to Grow Revenue & Streamline Your Amusement Operations

The rise of unattended retail is changing the way consumers interact, play, and re-engage with gaming machines all across the world. As new consumers such as Millennials and Generation Z enter these markets, we are seeing a new paradigm happen where cash is no longer king, and mobile wallet, credit/debit cards are taking over the payment preference.

In order to adapt, amusement operators are needing to look at cashless technology that can deliver on two promises: 1) increasing revenue 2) optimizing a growing  amusement business.


In this Guide, we’ll explore:

  • How enabling cashless payments can increase consumer engagement and revenue.
  • Why cashless technology is the gateway for connecting machines to the cloud to unlock sales transparency.
  • The insights that machine-level monitoring can provide you to ensuring your machines stay up and running all the time.
  • Why consumers engage in loyalty programs and how you can capitalize on that opportunity.

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