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For a limited time, operators using Seed can make unlimited remote price changes free of charge. No sign-ups or implementation needed. Try it today!


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get alerts

Get Alerted When Prices Need Fixing

Easily see which coils are charging different prices than what you set in Seed, and fix them in seconds.

Quick and Easy Changes

From the Price Exceptions alert page, quickly update mismatched coil prices with a simple click. No service ticket required.

avoid lost revenue

Avoid Lost Revenue

Prioritize which machines to update by reviewing estimated lost revenue if pricing stays mismatched.

Update Price Button

Any machine with the Update Price button is compatible for remote pricing changes. We are constantly adding new machine types for compatibility!

Skip Costly Service Visits

Sending a service tech to change pricing at a machine can be a big cost. Save tech’s time and your money by changing prices from the office.

More Coming Soon

In addition to adding more compatible vending machine types, we are actively working on bringing more RPC functionality to help you run a more efficient operation.

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Remote Price Change FAQs

Are all vending machines compatible with Remote Price Change?

Not today, but we are constantly adding more machines to work with RPC. 

What Seed software do I need to use Remote Price Change?

All customers with Seed Cashless+ or Seed Pro can use Remote Price Change (excluding Greenlite customers).

Can all users on my account use Remote Price Change?

No, only Admins can use RPC. Admins can also extend RPC permissions to other users.

How does Remote Price Change work exactly?

When the user clicks the “update pricing” button, Seed sends a configuration report update to the device on the machine. In the next DEX report from the machine, Seed will receive confirmation of the price change. If the price change fails for any reason, the user will see a notice that it failed and they will not be charged.

How does billing work for Remote Price Change?

Operators will be billed for all successful remote price changes at the end of the month. 

Can I see a list of all my successful remote price changes?

Yes, there is a custom report in Spotlight called ‘Remote Price Change Requests’ that allows you to see all successful Remote Price Changes.

I received a failure notice after trying to Remote Price Change a machine, what is this?

Sometimes a Remote Price Change will not be successful due to connection issues with the machine. If this occurs, Seed attempt to change the prices on the next machine data transfer. If the change is not successful again, you will receive a failure notice. Please note you will not be charged for any failed Remote Price Changes.