Welcome to Seed Live Training

In this video you will learn to:

  • Navigate within Seed Live
  • Set-up & manage your devices
  • Add & manage your bank accounts + payments
  • Create custom reports
  • Use Seed Live to best support your business needs

If you have further questions after watching this training, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team at 888.561.4748.

Q: Can I use my Seed Live login to access my Seed Cashless+ account if I have both platforms?

A: You cannot, Seed Live & Seed Cashless+ are separate URLs and you need to go to MyCantaloupe.com to access Seed Cashless+. 

Q: What report should I use to view my sales data from last month?

A: The Sales Rollup Report located under the Reports tab.

Q: How do I change the bank account where I receive my money from my machine sales?

A: Go to the Configuration tab and select bank accounts. 

Q: How can I add two-tier pricing to my devices?

A: Go to the General tab, select devices and then device configuration.

Q: How do I create an RMA or a Returned Merchandise Authorization?

A: Go to the Administration tab at the top of Seed Live, then select RMA, make sure you troubleshoot your device before submitting an RMA.

Q: How do I change my email preferences, so I do not receive daily emails from Seed Live?

A: Select the Reports tab, under report register delete the report entitled “Sales Activity by Batch”. This can be added back later if needed.

Q: How do I see which products are selling in my machines?

A: You will need to add Seed Cashless+ to view specific product sales, contact our Sales Team to add Seed Cashless+ today.

Q: Where can I go to view my payments or pending payments?

A: Go to the Reports tab, select payments, and look at payments or pending payments reports. If your sales are less than $25 you will not receive payment until the amount you are due exceeds $25.