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Seed Release Notes: Exception Period, Invoices + Branch Assignments

May 27, 2020 | By Severin Beale

Seed Release Notes: Exception Period, Invoices + Branch Assignments

The team here at USA Technologies has been hard at work enhancing Seed to work better for you and your business. In this release, we upgraded our Exception Period feature to make adding closed locations back into your schedules faster and easier. You’ll also experience new functionality to Delivery invoicing to have better control of your OCS business. And an option has been added where operators with multiple branches can customize their customer assignments.


Feature Update: Location Exception Period bulk update

A new improvement in Seed has been made to help if you have been using the Exception Periods feature to adjust schedules due to COVID-19 related location closures. We have extended the existing Exception Periods feature to support updating multiple locations at the same time through an excel import. You can now watch our How-To video that provides you with instructions on how to make these edits. 


New Option: Hide $0 Items from Delivery Invoice

We have added an option to hide delivery items that you are not charging for on the customer invoice. Operators will occasionally deliver items for free with an OCS order (like straws or stir sticks). They do this in the system by making the products cost $0 for the order. They still want to account for those items for their internal inventory and cost calculations, but they don’t want them appearing on the invoice a customer receives. Now they have the option to remove these $0 items from the customers invoice.

New Feature: Delivery Invoice Page Now Displays Partial Invoice Balances

Each delivery invoice now displays the up-to-date balance for partially paid invoices. When customers pay for only part of an invoice, instead of showing the entire invoice as still unpaid, we show the total amount of the invoice and the amount that still needs to be paid.

New Update: Customer Branch Assignments

For operators with multiple branches, you can now edit the branch that a customer has been assigned to by the system. Operators can customize which branch they want a customer to go to, allowing operators to have more control over how they manage their customer base and their operations.


  • Improved aging report to correctly display balance for invoices when delivery and schedule dates do not match.
  • Fixed issue with Delivery Template not preserving manually set Pars for items that have not been ordered previously.
  • To improve performance, micro market product updates are limited to one update per 2 hours.

Our team is working constantly to make Seed even better for unattended retailers of all sizes. If you would like to learn more about what our products have to offer, check out our new and improved website today for more info. 


Severin Beale

Application Support Manager

Severin has over 13 years in the Vending industry working with CompuVend, Cantaloupe and USAT - supporting, implementing and developing VMS. He began his career as a support and implementation specialist at CompuVend systems. Now, Severin manages the USAT Application Support Team to drive and build solutions for the unattended retail market.

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