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Seed Release Notes: Kiosks, Help Videos, Icons, and Custom Fields

December 14, 2020 | By Adrian Austin

Seed Release Notes: Kiosks, Help Videos, Icons, and Custom Fields

Temperatures may be dropping, but things are heating up here at USAT with new Seed updates! In this release, Seed Markets is getting more capabilities to deal with restocks, assets that are moved to the next day’s schedule can be quickly identified, and the help center is getting buffed up with new videos.


New Feature: Add/Remove Restocks on Kiosks

Now you can add or remove restocks from Kiosks, just like you can on vending machines. This feature was added so that operators who face the same challenges with restocks with Seed Markets as they do with vending machines now have the same tools available to resolve them.

New Assistance: Help Videos

Four new help videos have been created to help you master all aspects of Seed. The following videos have been added to our already extensive library:

  • Cashless Add-on
  • Notes on Machine Detail page (reviews how to add/manage notes for a specific machine)
  • Tickets on the Machine Detail page (reviews service tickets created for a specific machine)
  • Machine Edit (reviews process for deploying/un-deploying (pull) machines)

New Feature: Quickly See Assets Moved to Next Day

Icons now appear in Easier Scheduling to easily identify machines that are moved from the previous day’s schedule to the next day.

New Fields: Custom Fields added to Suppliers

We have added custom fields for Suppliers, so those operators needing to track/export accounting codes on purchase orders can utilize this field to do so.

Additional Updates:

  • Updated security requirements for new passwords.
  • Improved functionality and use for Operators with custom commission periods.
  • Update to Customer Edit page allows Multi-Branch operators to edit customer branch assignment.
  • Par data now preserved on Delivery Orders for products that were not previously ordered.
  • Improvement to search fields to help reduces search times.
  • Commission Adjustments must now be at least one cent.
  • Improvements to the Location Import to more accurately handle Exception Periods.
  • Improved Aging report now shows all invoices attached to open balances.
  • Improved import validation for orders including items that are missing Tax Category and Deposit Category.
  • Addressed an issue where product was inadvertently being returned to the warehouse from the truck.
  • Clicking on the “Edit Line Item” button on the “Cash Ticket Detail” page now takes users to the right place for Micro Market Sections.
  • Improved performance of Tax and Commissions calculations for larger operators.

Our team is working constantly to make Seed even better for unattended retailers of all sizes. If you would like to learn more about what our products have to offer, check out our new and improved website today for more info. 


Adrian Austin

Director, Product & Partner Marketing

With 6+ years in product management and marketing, Adrian thrives on being able to communicate the benefits of technological products to customers in easy-to-understand ways. He is an active member of NAMA’s Emerging Leaders Network and is the host for USAT’s quarterly education webinars.

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