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Seed Release Notes: Maps, Alerts, Service Tickets + More

April 20, 2020 | By Adrian Austin

Seed Release Notes: Maps, Alerts, Service Tickets + More

The team here at USA Technologies has been hard at work enhancing Seed to work better for you and your business. In this release we are excited to announce Maps being added to scheduling, new Alerts to track product pricing exceptions, and lots more.


New Feature: Maps in Scheduling

Now you can visualize machine locations and compare multiple routes on an interactive map. Check the map to see:

  • If machine distribution is optimized
  • If routes can be consolidated to reduce your costs
  • If a machine was skipped during a delivery, schedulers can see which other routes can make up the additional stop

New Alert: Price Exceptions

We’ve solved the issue where the price set in your VMS is different from the number of machines shown on the DEX report. With the new alert for price exceptions, operators are proactively notified when the pricing for a coil in Seed is different than what is being sent from DEX reports.

New Option: Adding Service Tickets to Recurring Delivery Orders

Service techs – save time and avoid the need to print out orders or invoices that need to be hand delivered to customers. Adding service tickets to recurring orders can now be done by service techs through the software dispatch and also invoices the customer at the same time.


  • Format Master Invoice to hide delivery details
  • Item Price Limit increased substantially on Delivery invoices
  • Reports in Spotlight can now contain inventory levels

Our team is working constantly to make Seed even better for unattended retailers of all sizes. If you would like to learn more about what our products have to offer, check out our new and improved website today for more info. 


Adrian Austin

Director, Product & Partner Marketing

With 6+ years in product management and marketing, Adrian thrives on being able to communicate the benefits of technological products to customers in easy-to-understand ways. He is an active member of NAMA’s Emerging Leaders Network and is the host for USAT’s quarterly education webinars.

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