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Seed Release Notes: Notes, Delivery Orders, and Taxes (Canada)

March 4, 2022 | By Adrian Austin

Seed Release Notes: Notes, Delivery Orders, and Taxes (Canada)


Notes on Delivery Points

Users can add notes to Delivery Points. Prepick Notes added to Delivery Points will be displayed in Seed Mobile.

Delivery Order Slip

Delivery Orders are now prefixed with “Order” and will be changed to “Invoice” only after the order has been marked as delivered.

Canada: Separated Taxes on Invoices

Delivery Invoices for Canada now support displaying separate different tax levels (ex. federal GST and provincial sales tax).

Additional Updates:

  • When generating a Master Invoice, the default date is now the end of the billing period. Previously, the date of the Master Invoice was set to the day the last order in the billing period was delivered. 
  • A column has been added to the Delivery Invoice page to indicate who created the order. 
  • A column has been added when exporting a Delivery Invoice to show the Total/Extended Price (Quantity x Price) for each line item. 
  • The maximum length allowed in the Reference field for a Delivery Point has been extended from 20 characters to 50 characters.


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