Seed Telemeter

Connecting machines to the cloud.

The legacy Seed Telemeter empowers operators using Seed cashless hardware the ability to manage machine data across their network for remote, real-time insight.

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Capitalize on remote, network-wide insights.

The legacy Seed Telemeter enables unattended operators to manage their remote locations by tracking operational data, sales performance, and machine alerts using wireless connectivity across cellular networks. With easy DEX capabilities for enabling location-level restocks, and service efficiencies, the Seed Telemeter offers solutions required to optimize complex unattended retail operations.

What’s Included:

  • Seed telemeter

real-time data chart

Capture real-time data for complete visibility.

By connecting your machines to the cloud, the Seed Telemeter provides operators real-time, remote data about their business and performance.

  • Device-level connectivity and health alerts
  • DEX telemetry for scheduling and servicing
  • Sales and product level reporting

cellular connections

Powerful cellular connections with AT&T 4G/LTE.

Connect your machines with confidence by utilizing the robust AT&T 4G/LTE cellular network for speedy and reliable service.

  • Future-proof your business with a 4G/LTE telemeter
  • 3G backup network in case of connection disruption
  • Upholds PCI-DSS compliance with regular audits
seed telemeter

Flexible hardware for greater convenience.

The durable Seed Telemeter features a sleek-yet-ruggedized design, optimized for use in a variety of environments and conditions.

  • Water-resistant hardware
  • Supports multiple mounting configurations
  • Integrates with major cashless and machine manufacturers
optimizing efficiencies

Unlock additional software services for greater efficiencies.

Real-time data connection from the Seed Telemeter enables easy integration into the full Seed software technology suite – Seed Pro, Seed Office, Seed Markets, and Seed Delivery.

  • Unlock dynamic scheduling, intelligent merchandising, and pre-picking
  • Get better insight into your business with upgraded sales reporting
  • Dedicated industry expert to help with implementation

Product Specifications

DeviceSeed Telemeter
ManufacturerCantaloupe, Inc.
AvailabilityUnited States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico
Size of the TelemeterHeight: 3.94″ Width: 4.92″ Depth: 1.18″
Air InterfaceAT&T 4G/LTE with 3G fallback
Hardware Supported ConnectionsSerial, DEX, MDB