New Self-Service Features

November Edition

Cantaloupe is releasing new self-service tools each month to help its customers optimize their business operations.

New Customer Tools

Cards Offline by Vendor 

Have you seen this error message on your card reader screen?
Don’t worry, you can troubleshoot this in Seed Live following these instructions.

Self-Service EMV

EMV Requirements

If you have any non-EMV Contactless devices in the field after December 1st, 2022, the “tap” functionality will no longer work. Even though your devices will continue to accept magstripe “swipe” payments, you might lose out on sales.

Read why you should upgrade to EMV-compatible devices.

Upgrade your device here


If you still have 2G/3G devices in the field, here are 5 things you’ll need to know about the final 3G network sunsets at the end of 2022.

Learn how to identify your 2G/3G devices

Self-Service Engage

ePort Engage Troubleshooting

Need some guidance with your ePort Engage installations? Check out our helpful tools.

View Engage Support Center