Digital Marketing

Dynamic, personalized experiences.

Connect consumers with targeted advertisements and promotions delivered at the point-of-sale or directly to their mobile devices, leading to more satisfying experiences for them and generating greater revenue for you.

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mobile device showing marketing ads

Increase revenue through engaging experiences.

gift box

Entice consumers with timely and relevant promotions.

Delight consumers by deploying targeted discounts, promotions, and reward opportunities tailored to consumer’s unique history and purchase patterns.

loyalty programs

Pair with loyalty programs for lasting impact.

Integrate digital marketing initiatives with loyalty programs for more seamless consumer data management and outreach initiatives.

eport interactive card reader

Interact with consumers like never before.

Deliver highly engaging digital experiences on the ePort Engage, Cantaloupe’s powerful interactive payment screen. Attract more customers with a vibrant touchscreen and easy-to-use display.

revenue opportunities on mobile device

Tap into new revenue opportunities.

Maximize revenue and inventory usage by driving greater awareness of new items, and offering discounts and promotions for excess inventory and soon-to-expire items.