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How USAT’s Acquisition of VendScreen Is Ushering In New Payments Era in Vending and Self-Serve Retail Markets

January 25, 2016 | By Stephen Herbert

How USAT’s Acquisition of VendScreen Is Ushering In New Payments Era in Vending and Self-Serve Retail Markets

As consumers and retailers become more accustomed to cashless and mobile payments brought by the ubiquity of smartphones, the line between how consumers shop online and how they shop in a self-serve environment is fading. More and more, consumers are wanting to make a purchase with a click or swipe, bringing limitless, new opportunities for companies and brands to leverage payment information to engage with the consumer at point-of-sale. It is no longer just about completing a transaction, but rather creating a long-term relationship with consumers.

As the leader in cashless and mobile payments technology in the self-serve retail industry, our acquisition of VendScreen not only enables us to meet these consumer expectations with the most advanced interactive media, content delivery system, and touchscreens for the self-service retail market, but by a greater breadth of payment technology, propelling our industry into the next phase of mobile and cashless payments that move beyond a simple transaction to drive increased and recurring revenue.

If 2015 was the year of mobile payments, 2016 will be the year of consumer engagement.
Whether it be through content, a customized experience, information, or loyalty, this acquisition ensures the self-serve retail industry is now on par with directional tailwinds which are re-shaping transactions, aligning self-serve retail alongside big box, online and traditional retailers.

And we are only scratching the surface of what is possible. Here are just a few opportunities our acquisition of VendScreen will bring to our customers and partners this year:

  • Content Push: Delivery of content at point-of-sale, such as advertising, discounts, coupons as well as offer nutritional and caloric disclosures in ways never possible before.
  • Mobile Wallet Integration: NFC-enabled for mobile payment acceptance and compatible with mobile wallets including Apple Pay and Android Pay which puts the new platform in line with USAT’s mobile strategy.
  • Research Platform: Research consumer preferences, track product purchases, analyze the impact of advertising at the POS and gather feedback on new products being offered – all layered on top of our current Knowledge Base.
  • Real-Time Consumer Connection: A direct line of communication between operators and consumers, offering real-time customer feedback, fulfillment of service requests, facilitation of refund requests, feedback and more.
  • Consumer Loyalty: Interactive media to bridge the gap between USAT’s MORE loyalty and rewards program and the experience at the point of sale to drive return customers and recurring sales, as well as product specific loyalty programs coming to the marketplace, with back-end and front-end management.
  • Nationwide Service and Support: A West Coast operational footprint providing operators, retailers and partners with greater efficiency in operational performance, expanded customer services, sales and technical support.

Our acquisition of VendScreen is bringing the best technology for engaging with a consumer in the self-serve retail market and creating a sizable distance for our customers from their competitors, while staying ahead of the technology curve. Further, it will meet the demand of an increasingly customized retail experience while offering operators and partners opportunities to generate increased sales through stronger ties with consumers in ways never possible before.

Welcome to the new payments era in vending and self-serve retail.


Stephen Herbert