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Optimize machines, simplify routes.

Seed Pro Software optimizes your business by telling you where to go, when to go and what to take to increase efficiency and drive greater revenue.

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Take the guesswork out of running your business.

Seed Pro Software connects unattended retailers with the critical operational insights required to streamline routes, optimize planograms, and proactively monitor machine health. By utilizing cashless telemetry on your machines, you can unlock the benefits of Seed Pro for your operation.

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simplify route scheduling

Simplify route scheduling in minutes.

Seed Pro Software enables you to create service schedules based on real-time and predictive demand data. Eliminate wasted trips and start increasing your fills per visit and machines per route.

  • Consolidate routes from 10 to 4, on average, following Seed Pro deployment
  • Flexibility to use dynamic, interval or static scheduling based on account level needs
  • Automatically generate service schedules based on geographical data

Boost sales with intelligent merchandising.

Seed Pro Software allows you to automate decision-making by optimizing planograms to ensure machines remain stocked with the most desired inventory.

  • Maximize restocks by knowing when to double-up or adjust par levels
  • Use Merchandising Wizard to automatically update planograms based on machine data
  • Intelligently merchandise your machines using AI, with the HIVERYTM Enhance add on
  • Drives greater machine-level sales

Seed Pro bring-backs and pre-kitting

Eliminate bring-backs with smarter pre-kitting.

By connecting unattended retailers with remote insight into inventory levels, Seed Pro Software enables you to know exactly what inventory to bring to each location, and how much of each item.

  • Generate accurate pre-kits for each machine
  • Minimize stock outs and bring backs so trucks come back nearly empty
  • Eliminate over-filling a machine and future stale-outs

Take a proactive approach to machine servicing.

Through continuous machine health monitoring and alerting, Seed Pro Software enables you to detect malfunctions and theft attempts in real time, allowing for rapid service assigning, repairing, and closing-out of service calls.

  • 24/7 machine-level monitoring
  • Bill and coin jam alerts and power failure warnings
  • End-to-end service dispatching
Seed Pro machine servicing
Remote Price Change

Change coil prices without visiting your machines.

Enable the Remote Price Change add-on to change prices quickly and easily directly from Seed, without needing to physically visit the location.

customer service representative

Enjoy all the benefits of Seed Pro and our expert Customer Success Team.

Our team of experts is focused on ensuring your operation reaps all the benefits of Seed Pro by putting together a customized implementation plan, setting key performance metrics that define project success, and helping to train your team on the new set of processes for optimizing your business. You’ll have a dedicated CSM, access to the Seed App Support Team, and all of the Seed Help Center videos/tutorials that will ensure ultimate success for your business.