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Micro Market, Major Capabilities: 5 Capabilities You Need from Your Integrated Micro Market Software

July 10, 2019 | By Ben Mills

Micro Market, Major Capabilities: 5 Capabilities You Need from Your Integrated Micro Market Software

In our last blog post, we discussed the top five capabilities—outside of cashless transactions—that retail operators should be looking for in an enterprise software solution. Now, we’re going a step further, exploring the functionality that operators need from their micro market software. 

Micro markets, which offer automated self-checkout and unattended payment experiences, require more than just cashless capabilities to operate smoothly; they need streamlined management software capable of handling every aspect of the vending process, from scheduling to stocking to selling.

Here are the major software capabilities your integrated micro market software needs: 

1 | Logistical Tools for Long-Term Scalability 

In order to effectively plan for growth in the future, your micro market needs to be efficiently run today.  By using software to connect inventory management, route scheduling, warehouse pre-picking, and more, your operation can rapidly optimize everyday logistical processes and allow for strategic growth. For example, with the right software solution, you can empower drivers to take inventory of only specific sections of markets that require attention, reducing physical market inventories down to 10 minutes or less.

2 | Intelligent Integration for Simplified Routing 

Perhaps the most critical logistical process that your micro market software should address is driver routing. With the ability to manage route schedules on software that is integrated with your vending intelligence system, your operation can avoid wasted route labor on micro markets—or areas of micro markets—that don’t need service. This greatly simplifies drivers’ responsibilities, makes their routes more manageable, and saves you time and resources by condensing and eliminating unnecessary routes. 

3 | Handheld Service Applications 

Next, your micro market software should also enable you to provide drivers with handheld apps to better service each market they visit, as well as vending machines and office coffee service (OCS) stops. Not only do such universal apps eliminate extra training sessions, but they also save drivers time that would otherwise be spent switching applications with each new stop on their route. Look for extra features such as a barcode scanner that can also streamline and speed up the inventory process.  

4 | Streamlined Reporting Interface

Accurate, timely reporting is key to the success of your micro market. Choose a micro market software solution that offers a single interface for financial reporting across your separate lines of business (micro markets, vending, and OCS). This streamlined reporting capability will simplify back office operations by eliminating the need for multiple systems, and it will also empower you to strategically compare performance across vending, micro market, and OCS operations. Plus, a single reporting interface will easily generate rolled-up customer and/or category profit and loss (P&L) reports.

5 | A Single, Standardized Set of Solutions 

The common factor between all of the capabilities discussed thus far? Integration. By integrating micro market management tools—from route scheduling to warehouse pre-picking, applications, reporting, and more—into a single solution that includes vending and OCS, you can immediately standardize management to simplify operations. Look for micro market software that not only offers a single, standardized set of tools, but also places them in the cloud, offering you and your staff the ability to access the tools you need from any device. 

From optimizing logistical processes to generating consolidated reports, your integrated micro market software should be doing much more than enabling unattended retail transactions. That’s why USAT’s Seed Markets software offers a standard set of easy-to-use, cloud-based micro market management tools, empowering retail operators like you to optimize and extend your micro market, vending, and OCS business. If you’re interested in learning more about Seed Markets, click on the link below to Contact Us today!

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