Engage Combo Accessories List

This accessories list has been created in order to provide an overview of all the accessories available for the ePort Engage Combo and its general function.

Driver Card

Part Number: V6XUG0100980

Used When:

  • The Driver Card is used for fill-to-fill reporting. When filling a machine, a swipe of the driver card will create a “bookmark” in the system that will group transactions that occurred since the last fill swipe into a fill batch.  The fill-to-fill process is designed to improve driver accountability and better assist in accounts receivable reconciliation.


Technician Card

Part Number: VXXUG0100981

The Tech Card is used for forcing a scheduled DEX on your device and displaying your Device’s Signal Strength & Static Score. The DEX display will show
the DEX Data or any potential DEX errors. The Signal Strength & Static Scores will be shown following the RSSI display (signal number will be first & static score will be second).

Description of DEX errors and good Signal scores can be found on the back of the card.


Audit Card

Part Number: VXXUG0100979

The Audit Card is used to audit cash and cashless sales totals of a given machine. When this card is swiped in an ePort, the device is triggered to display cash and cashless totals.


Zero DEX Cable

Part Number: CSTL41500001

Used When:

  • This cable is required on all Vendo model beverage machines and All Automatic Product snack machines that still utilizes the factory AP VMC boards
  • Machines that have updated to Venders Exchange and InOne VMC boards do not require this cable
  • This cable works for the Engage Combo kit only


3′ MDB Extension Cable

Part Number: CSTL41000330

Used When:

  • Engage device is mounted more than 12” from MDB connection.
    • Examples: HVV beverage machines where reader is mounted on the upper left hand of door. Vendo HVV machines when button elimination kit is used
  • Supplied 12” cable pulls machine wires to an unsatisfactory spot
    • Examples: National 150/160 series snack machines


10′ DEX Cable Extender

Part Number: VXMUC0101191

This is a 10′ MDB extension cable for use with any ePort device.  This cable is used in machines when the ePort device must be mounted in a position where the included MDB cable is not long enough to reach a connection to the Multi Drop Bus (MDB). This MDB cable will extend the included cable by 10′.