Spin up new revenue with cashless acceptance.

Outfit your network of coin-operated machines with cashless acceptance to serve more consumers, realize more revenue, and optimize operations like never before. Through our partnership with Setomatic Systems we have the ability to offer you a complete laundry solution.

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laundry machine

Make using your laundry machines easier and rewarding, every time.

cashless payment option

Provide more convenience to your consumers.

Eliminate the need to carry cash and coin by deploying our trusted solution from Setomatic Systems called SpyderWash, for secure cashless payments—whether mobile, contactless or magstripe.

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sales chart

Understand sales data across all of your machines.

Tap into the valuable data needed to understand sales performance and usage across all of your sites, so you can enhance the consumer experience.

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gift box reward

Reward your regulars.

Deploy tailored programs that reward your consumers for their business, incentivize lasting loyalty, improve satisfaction, and ultimately, grow sales.

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machine health alerts

Make sure every machine is up and running.

Make sure all of your machines are generating revenue by monitoring overall machine health, and receiving real-time notifications when service is needed.

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