Cantaloupe One

Grow your business with $0 to start! With a Cantaloupe One subscription, you can pay as go whenever you need new equipment or want to add software to help you manage your business.

Cantaloupe One — perfect for businesses of every size. 

No upfront costs. 

No upfront costs. 

When you get started with Cantaloupe ONE, you won’t be charged your monthly subscription price until the next billing cycle.        

Fixed monthly payments. 

Fixed monthly payments. 

With Cantaloupe ONE, your hardware and software costs are bundled with your service fees into a flat monthly rate. 

Full hardware warranty. 

Full hardware warranty. 

What happens if a card reader or kiosk stops working or if there’s a new standard for devices? We’ll replace it for you, at no additional cost.     

Management software included.

Management software included.

With Cantaloupe ONE, you get immediate access to vending management software that’ll boost your business.

Pick your kit. 

Pulse Card Reader Kit

If you’re an amusement, air vac, or coin-simulated machine operator who needs a cashless card reader with sales reporting capabilities. 

Starting at

$18.95 /month


What you get in this kit: 

  • Easy-to-install cashless card reader 
  • EMV, credit/debit, magstripe, and mobile wallet acceptance 
  • Access to Seed Live for device management and sales and tracking 

Card Reader and VMS Starter Kit 

If you’re a growing vending operator who needs help managing it all. 

Starting at

$19.95 /month

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What you get in this kit: 

  • Easy-to-install cashless card reader 
  • Access to Seed Cashless+ vending management software 
  • Use of the Seed Driver app to take inventory and sync everything on the go 

Card Reader and VMS Enterprise Kit 

For an enterprise-level operator who wants to make big upgrades all at once. 

Custom Price

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What you get in this kit: 

  • Easy-to-install cashless card reader 
  • Access to Seed Pro, our full vending management system  
  • Integration of micro markets and office coffee/pantry services 
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager  

“Cantaloupe has always been a good partner to me. Having peace of mind that Cantaloupe has me covered if networks change, new devices become available, or if I have equipment issues, is what I look for in a partner. The Cantaloupe ONE platform provides this to me.”

Michael Carey, Owner, Take Five

Cantaloupe One FAQs 

What’s the difference between a Cantaloupe One subscription and financing?

The difference between financing your hardware and subscribing through Cantaloupe One is that with a Cantaloupe One subscription, Cantaloupe owns the device for the length of the subscription term. It means that in case of device in case of end-of-life, we will provide you with upgraded devices at no cost to you. It takes the responsibility of device upgrades off your shoulders.

What are the upfront costs of Cantaloupe One?


If you’re adding a Cantaloupe One subscription for a card reader or kiosk, you’ll only pay for shipping the device to you. All monthly subscription fees start on the next bill cycle. Please noet, new customers are subject to a credit check. 

What is the length of a Cantaloupe One subscription?

Cantaloupe One subscriptions are contracted for 36 months. Starting at month 37, you would pay month to month. At that time, you’ll also receive new contract renewal options for receiving new hardware or package offerings. 

Can the hardware and services on a Cantaloupe One subscription be transferred if I sell or close my business?

Yes. Details are provided in the terms and conditions.

What is the Cantaloupe One termination fee?

Termination fees will be detailed on your quote, in the terms and conditions section. 

Interested in Cantaloupe One?

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