Simple software. Powerful results.

Seed Cashless+ enables operators to tackle their day-to-day tasks faster and more efficiently, by utilizing the sales data from their cashless readers.

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Perfect for Solo Operators or those Scaling Up

Smarter Scheduling

Avoid wasted trips, know which machines are running low before you go.

See What’s Selling

Track your best selling items to ensure they always stay in your machines.

Real-Time Alerts

Stay informed and never miss a sale due to machine issues again.

Mobile App Included

Track your route on-the-go, and easily update new inventory levels.

Going from 5 Machines to 50 Locations

Ricky Tenney began A.R.T. Vending by purchasing 5 machines and going growing from there. However, as Ricky added machines, things started falling through the cracks.

Learn how Ricky utilized Seed Cashless+ to overcome his growing pains and transform the way he does business.


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