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With features like machine depletion alerts, machine-level pre-kitting, and real-time alerts, Seed Cashless+ helps growing operators with 1-200 machines save time, improve service quality, and maximize sales. Want to see the software in action?

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Save time and money on product restocking.

With Seed Cashless+ data, you can pre-pick product for each machine/location before you start your route. This helps you avoid unnecessary trips and keep better track of your inventory levels — which ultimately reduces product waste and saves time during your service stops.

  • Quickly pick your daily route based on how empty your machines are.
  • Prioritize servicing your most depleted machines first.
  • Use your sales data to start pre-picking machine restocks.

Use your vending data to maximize sales.

Seed Cashless+ identifies your best-selling product, so you can make data-driven decisions on product placement in your machines.

  • Identify best sellers to optimize product offerings at machine level.
  • Adjust inventory to prevent overstocking less popular items.
  • Strategically place best-selling product in high-traffic locations.

Stay on top of issues with real-time alerts.

Seed Cashless+ ensures you’re the first one to know about machine issues by connecting with Seed Live to track machine status.

  • Receive proactive power failure warnings and bill & coin jam alerts.
  • Manage machine issues before your customers see them.
  • Get notified when product coils drop near empty.

Take your business anywhere with Seed Driver.

Stay organized by tracking your route on the go, and quickly update inventory levels directly in the app. Combine Seed Cashless+ vending management software with Seed Driver to save time and money.

  • View daily route stops — automatically populated in the app.
  • See how much product is needed in each machine.
  • Take inventory faster with no paperwork required.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seed Cashless+ right for your business?

If you have more than 5 machines and are managing your business with pen and paper or spreadsheets, you’re likely experiencing inefficiencies that cost you time and money. Seed Cashless + was built for small to medium sized vending operators facing those challenges as their business continues to grow. If you have more than 200 machines, our Seed Pro solution will better suit your specific needs.

Is Seed Cashless+ easy to use?

Seed Cashless+ was designed specifically for small to medium sized vending owners and is very user-friendly! Plus, we have training videos to help you get up to speed quickly.

What is the difference between Seed Cashless+ and Seed Pro?

Both vending management systems offer machine and inventory insights. However, Seed Pro is designed for the enterprise-sized operation with a more robust collection of features on top of what is offered with Seed Cashless+. Seed Pro takes insights a step further and provides enterprise-level capabilities like dynamic route scheduling, custom reporting, pre-kit pick lists, and more. These functions may exceed the needs of operations under 200 machines.

What’s the difference between Seed Live and Seed Cashless+?

Seed Live is a device management portal that allows you to track sales and operational data on your Cantaloupe cashless card readers. It is a free portal that comes with your device purchase. Seed Cashless+ is a paid software subscription that greatly boosts efficiency with tools like inventory tracking, real-time alerts, and our Seed Driver mobile servicing app to manage everything right from your phone.

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“I am so appreciative of the Seed Cashless+ platform, it is essential for me to keep my business running.”

Ricky Tenney, Owner, A.R.T. Vending

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