Seed Cashless+

Simple software. Powerful results.

Seed Cashless+ enables operators to tackle their day-to-day tasks faster and more efficiently, by utilizing the sales data from their cashless readers.

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Vending management built for small operators

When your business is small but growing, you don’t have a minute of your day to waste.
Seed Cashless+ can help make everyday tasks easier, so you can do more in less time.

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Eliminated the guess work from scheduling.

Say goodbye to wasted trips to full machines. Now you can see when machines need service, and skip the ones that don’t.

  • Quickly pick your daily route based on how empty your machines are.
  • Prioritize machines are the most depleted to be serviced first.
  • Improve your service quality while spending less time in the field.

See what product you need before you go.

Start pre-picking product to restock by machines or pick from your truck and only make one trip to each machine.

  • Only make one trip to restock each machine.
  • Utilize your sales data to start pre-picking machine restocks.
  • Maximize your machines’ sales potential by knowing your best-selling products.

Stay on top of issues with real-time alerts.

Be the first to know when product is running low, or when machines have a coin or bill jam.

  • Receive proactive bill and coin jam alerts, and power failure warnings.
  • Manage machine issues before your customers see them.
  • Get notified when product coils drop near empty.

Your business goes with you anywhere – with Seed Driver.

Stay organized by tracking your route on the go, and quickly update inventory levels right in the app.

  • Daily route stops automatically populate in the app.
  • See how much product is needed in each machine.
  • Inventory machines faster with no paperwork required.
  • Automatically syncs with Cashless+ to update your new inventory levels.

ART Vending Case Study

From 5 Machines to 50 Locations

Ricky Tenney began A.R.T. Vending by purchasing 5 machines and going growing from there. However, as Ricky added machines, things started falling through the cracks.

Learn how Ricky utilized Seed Cashless+ to overcome his growing pains and transform the way he does business.