Simplify route management.

Create the most efficient route schedules based on the inventory of individual sections of your market locations. With the combined data of Seed Markets and Seed Pro, you can decrease total routes and improve driver efficiency.

  • Create market-only or mixed route schedules.
  • Save schedulers time with one view for all service types.
  • Use Dynamic Scheduling to boost route efficiency.

Save time and money on service visits.

Use the Seed Driver mobile app to inventory specific market sections. By only scheduling the sections that need to be serviced, you can reduce service stops down to 15 minutes or less.

  • Schedule snack racks & coolers individually.
  • Service locations significantly faster.
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of driver restocks.

Simplify warehouse management.

Manage stock levels, track product movement, and streamline replenishment within your warehouse by integrating Seed Markets with your inventory and pre-pick processes.

  • Create one pre-pick list for all business verticals.
  • Accommodate hybrid route pre-picking and pick-to-light systems.
  • Optimize product accountability with a single process for inventory management.

Improve the reporting process.

Generate detailed reports on sales, inventory, profitability, and more with consolidated operational reporting across all lines of your business.

  • Run multiple financial analyses in a single report.
  • Combine all sales tax and commission statements per account.
  • Build P&L reports to get accurate profitability across the business.

Streamline your operations with our market management system.

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