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Take control of your back office.

Seed Office brings best-in-class back office software to your business, enabling you to streamline accountability, scale your business, and empower your team.

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An integrated solution for back-office management.

Seed Office simplifies accounting, warehouse, and back-office tasks with a user friendly, cloud-hosted vending management solution (VMS) that enables your business to make smarter decisions. By utilizing cashless telemetry on your machines, you can unlock the benefits of Seed Office for your operation.

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Seed Office product accountability

Create a culture of accountability.

Seed Office allows you to reconcile cash collected, counted, and deposited into your bank account to minimize human error and combat stolen, or spoiled merchandise.

  • Track inventory in machines and warehouses to minimize lost or stolen merchandise
  • Oversee sales, cash, and inventory with easy filtering report options
  • Obtain records on every machine, driver, planogram, and item

Powerful warehouse management right from your mobile device.

Seed Warehouse lets you ditch the outdated handhelds and manage warehouse inventory from your mobile device. Easily manage product purchases, transfers and take inventory, all in one app.

  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Eliminate outdated handhelds with an app built for modern smartphones
  • Enable better control and management with a step-by-step interface
  • Included as part of Seed Office
Seed Warehouse - 3 Cell Phones

Seed Office sales tax reporting

Streamline commission and sales tax reporting.

Through flexible commission plan building and smart error detection, Seed Office makes calculating commissions and taxes easier than ever before.

  • Analyze sales performance by payment type, item, location and day
  • Conduct pricing analysis and deploy flexible cash discounts
  • Understand machine trends to optimize product merchandising

Enhanced reporting for scalable results.

Seed Office allows you to easily report on sales, inventory, cash, warehouse, and routes to keep track of your business’ growth and stay on top of profitability, merchandising, and reordering.

  • Filter and sort reports easily
  • Reports calculated in seconds, not hours
  • Use Seed Spotlight to build and share customized reports without any technical skills needed
Seed Office Spotlight Reports

Simplify user training with an intuitive mobile application.

Seed Office is accessible via the Seed Driver app, equipping drivers and technicians with an intuitive tool to streamline servicing tasks. Available on Apple and Android.

  • Minimize training time with one set of processes for in-field service
  • Instantly notify technicians of an issue for faster service times
  • Use Video Audit™ or Photo Audit™ for cash and product accountability

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Enjoy all the benefits of Seed Office and our expert Customer Success Team.

Our team of experts is focused on ensuring your operation reaps all the benefits of Seed Office by putting together a customized implementation plan, setting key performance metrics that define project success, and helping to train your team on the new set of processes for optimizing your business. You’ll have a dedicated CSM, access to the Seed App Support Team, and all of the Seed Help Center videos/tutorials that will ensure ultimate success for your business.