Bring your machines online and unlock your data.

One small device opens up an entire world of information.


  • Mounts inside your vending machine using water-resistant hardware.
  • Connects with 4G cellular networks to send machine sales and health data over the air.
  • Compatible with most machine makes and models.
  • Keeps customer payments and data secure with PCI-DSS compliance.


  • Know exactly what’s selling at your machines with remote monitoring.
  • Create accurate reports like weekly sales recaps, product bestseller lists, and cash accountability summaries.
  • Generate accurate pre-pick orders to fill your machines with exactly the product and quantity they need.
  • Keep on top of any performance issues with machine health alerts.

“With telemetry, we can now see things in real time. We’re not waiting on a driver to get to a machine or relying on a customer to call to say they need a restock. It’s helped our communication with suppliers and within our operations team to just have all this info at our fingertips.”

Kyle Murphy, Buffalo Rock

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