Know what to bring, when and where.


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Simple software. Powerful results.

Seed Cashless+ is a vending management system tailormade for small and medium sized businesses like yours. It brings sales data from your machines to an online platform and mobile app resulting in time and money savings.

What can Seed Cashless+ do for you?

Increase Sales

Know your best-selling products to maximize revenue potential.

Utilize your sales data to start pre-picking machine restocks.

Save Time & Money

Service depleted machines and skip the others. Save on gas money!

Be the first to know when product is running low, or when machines have a coin or bill jam.

Simplify Inventory

Pick only the products needed and eliminate bring backs.

Inventory machines faster with no paperwork required.

A.R.T. Vending

Read how one SMB operator took his business from 5 machines to 50 locations with the help of Seed Cashless+.


Is your machine DEX compatible?

Seed Cashless+ only works with DEX compatible machines. What does that mean? Learn more by watching this short explainer video.

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Remote Price Change

Seed Cashless+ users can extend these time and money savings by adding on remote price change (RPC). RPC enables you to update prices from your computer, phone, or tablet.