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5 Capabilities You Need from Your Integrated OCS Software

July 29, 2019 | By Susan Butler

5 Capabilities You Need from Your Integrated OCS Software

In our latest blog series, we’ve been looking beyond the capabilities of cashless to explore the other top features that unattended retail and micro market operators should look for in an enterprise software solution. In this last installment of our series, we’ll be focusing our attention on the capabilities that operators need from their integrated Office Coffee Service (OCS) software.

On top of cashless transactions, OCS operations require logistical tools for the efficient delivery, tracking, and billing of their goods. From operators, to drivers, to customers, every stakeholder involved in an OCS operation can benefit greatly from integrated software that offers engagement and efficiency advantages. 

Here are the major software capabilities your integrated OCS software needs:

1 | Flexible Order Creation & Management

Creating invoices, managing deliveries, and modifying orders requires a significant time investment for OCS operators. With the ability to do it all from a single, web-based interface, your OCS software could save you time while also streamlining the process from start to finish. Choose an integrated software solution that allows you to create invoices and manage delivery orders on a web browser from any device, even on-site and on-the-go. This capability will also help your OCS operation deliver pre-sell and route-sell delivery models.

2 | Paperless Email Invoicing & Billing Statements

Similarly, your integrated OCS software solution should enable you to create, edit, pick, and send invoices and billing statements—all digitally. Saving you postage and labor costs, this paperless approach often allows end users to sign their invoices with a finger, creating a seamless and engaging experience for customers as well as operators.  Plus, when billing statements are transitioned to digital, you gain the power to rapidly generate statements that roll up multiple transactions. When choosing an OCS software solution, be sure to explore these paperless possibilities.

3 | Warehouse Pre-Picking & On-Truck Picking

With the right integrated software, you can also apply the same advanced pre-picking capabilities enjoyed by enterprise vending operations to your OCS business. If OCS deliveries are known ahead of time, automated warehouse pre-picking is a must-have capability; if desired, it can often be integrated with your vending pre-pick process. Even when warehouse picking isn’t a possibility, the right mobile software solution can enable drivers to quickly pick delivery orders on the truck and digitally dismiss picked items, replacing paper pick lists and reducing wasted route time.

4 | Accounts Receivable Interface

Your OCS operation also needs an integrated software solution that offers comprehensive, flexible accounting support. Look for software that provides account management capabilities in the form of a centralized, easy-to-use interface. With such a solution, your OCS operation will be better equipped to track orders, payments, collections, aging, and even complex accounts receivable scenarios—such as partial payments, or splitting payments across invoices. This sort of web-based AR interface drives faster payments by making all of these capabilities easy to access and simple to use.

5 | Operational Reporting

Finally, when it comes to optimizing your OCS operations with integrated software, advanced reporting capabilities cannot be overlooked. Your OCS software should easily handle reporting data related to sales, inventory, warehouse, and more. With the additional ability to export data from reports directly to Excel, you can ensure a greater level of transparency into your OCS business and empower every stakeholder to improve operations, one step at a time.

A web-based, mobile software solution that automates logistical processes and digitally engages customers is required for modern OCS operations. That’s why USAT’s OCS and delivery software, Seed Delivery, puts the power of the cloud and smart mobile devices into your hands. With paperless email invoicing, integrated self-service web ordering, built-in pre-pick support, and more, Seed Delivery streamlines every area of your OCS business. To learn more, click on the link to Contact Us Today! 

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