What are the perks of partnering with Cantaloupe?



Earn money on sales that use your unique discount code.



Join us in building a community of operators.



Access to campaigns, content, and resources that can be used in your posts.



Invites to events and experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use Cantaloupe products?

Typically, we’d like to work with creators that already use our products. Please still apply as we are always looking to work with creators on educational pieces and projects that relate to the self-service industry as a whole.

How many followers do I need?

Creators with audiences of all sizes are welcome. We care most about the community that you’ve built.

How long does the partnership last?

That’s up to you! We develop personal relationships with our creators. We want to collaborate on projects and initiatives that can help you grow.

Who can I contact about the program?

If you have more questions before applying, then email our team at marketing-cs@cantaloupe.com.

What if I have a unique idea for partnership?

You can still apply! Let us know what interests you most and we’ll follow up to discuss it further.

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