Take the guesswork out of running your business.

Seed Pro Software connects unattended retailers with the critical operational insights required to streamline routes, optimize planograms, and proactively monitor machine health. By utilizing cashless telemetry on your machines, you can unlock the benefits of Seed Pro for your operation.

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simplify route scheduling

Simplify route scheduling in minutes.

Seed Pro Software enables you to create service schedules based on real-time and predictive demand data. Eliminate wasted trips and start increasing your fills per visit and machines per route.

  • Consolidate routes from 10 to 4, on average, following Seed Pro deployment
  • Flexibility to use dynamic, interval or static scheduling based on account level needs
  • Automatically generate service schedules based on geographical data

Boost sales with intelligent merchandising.

Seed Pro Software allows you to automate decision-making by optimizing planograms to ensure machines remain stocked with the most desired inventory.

  • Maximize restocks by knowing when to double-up or adjust par levels
  • Use Merchandising Wizard to automatically update planograms based on machine data
  • Drives greater machine-level sales

Seed Pro bring-backs and pre-kitting

Eliminate bring-backs with smarter pre-kitting.

By connecting unattended retailers with remote insight into inventory levels, Seed Pro Software enables you to know exactly what inventory to bring to each location, and how much of each item.

  • Generate accurate pre-kits for each machine
  • Minimize stock outs and bring backs so trucks come back nearly empty
  • Eliminate over-filling a machine and future stale-outs

Take a proactive approach to machine servicing.

Through continuous machine health monitoring and alerting, Seed Pro Software enables you to detect malfunctions and theft attempts in real time, allowing for rapid service assigning, repairing, and closing-out of service calls.

  • 24/7 machine-level monitoring
  • Bill and coin jam alerts and power failure warnings
  • End-to-end service dispatching
Seed Pro machine servicing
Remote Price Change

Change coil prices without visiting your machines.

Enable the Remote Price Change add-on to change prices quickly and easily directly from Seed, without needing to physically visit the location.


Is Seed Pro software right for your business?

Seed Pro was designed for enterprise-level unattended retail operators that are looking to minimize the pain points in their business. It helps them optimize their route schedules, know what products to stock, and track when to service their machines.

Operators without vending machine management software typically restock based on general knowledge of past visits, and tend to use a static schedule to manage their machines. On the other hand, operators that have integrated Seed Pro use historical sales data from each machine to determine where and when to send drivers to restock.

Seed Pro is ideal for unattended retail business with 400 or more vending machines, which require more efficient operation with less operational spend. 

What’s the difference between Seed Live and Seed Pro?

Seed Live is the software that comes standard when you purchase an ePort card reader. This level of software is the right choice if you’re looking to enable cashless payments, track and report on your sales, and get alerts for any problems. Seed Live is ideal for small businesses that have a few vending machines.

With Seed Pro, you can create a dynamic restocking schedule and integrate different tools to help your back-office operations, including Seed Office and Seed Markets. In addition, this version of our software can assist in pre-packing deliveries to your machines so that drivers are only bringing the necessary inventory and can save valuable time during the restocking process.

How does Seed Pro help you optimize driver routes?

The biggest challenge currently faced by vending machine operators? The price of labor and trucks, including maintenance and gas.

With Seed Pro, drivers are able to service more machines on a single route, reducing labor costs and the number of drivers needed. This can ultimately minimize operating costs while giving the same level of service and ability to your end-user.

Through Seed Pro, operators are able to pre-kit their products at the warehouse based on each specific spot on a driver’s route. That means drivers no longer have to perform manual inventory checks at each machine to determine which products need to be restocked. They only take a single trip to the machine with their pre-kitted totes — saving hours of work for your drivers and maximizing each delivery route. 

How does Seed Pro help you manage vending inventory?

Seed Pro tells you which products are running low in which machines — making inventory management a breeze. Instead of assuming that your machine has been selling the same way that it has in the past, you can see sales and purchase data in real time. This data helps you make more informed decisions and operate more efficiently. 

How does Seed Pro stack up against competitors?

Seed Pro is one of the best vending machine software options on the market. Because Seed

Pro uses historical sales data to make estimates, you can make restocking decisions based on highly accurate predictions. This means you save time across your entire operation — from your warehouse and inventory staff to your drivers in the field.

Another benefit of Seed Pro? Dynamic scheduling. Rather than running the same routes on a static schedule, Seed Pro’s algorithm identifies highly efficient routes that help your business maintain high levels of service with less driver time on the road.

Additionally, the Remote Price Change tool in Seed Pro enables you to remotely change your coil prices — without ever having to physically visit your machines. Changing product prices directly in the Seed dashboard helps you adapt to inflation and rising product costs at a moment’s notice. 

customer service representative

Enjoy all the benefits of Seed Pro and our expert Customer Success Team.

Our team of experts is focused on ensuring your operation reaps all the benefits of Seed Pro by putting together a customized implementation plan, setting key performance metrics that define project success, and helping to train your team on the new set of processes for optimizing your business. You’ll have a dedicated CSM, access to the Seed App Support Team, and all of the Seed Help Center videos/tutorials that will ensure ultimate success for your business.