route management

Power up your operation with enterprise features.

Route Consolidation

  • Reduce your driver routes from 10 to four, on average.
  • Designate dynamic, interval, or static scheduling based on account-level needs.
  • Automatically generate service schedules based on geographical data.

Inventory Management

  • Maximize restocks by knowing when to double-up or adjust par levels.
  • Save time with automatically updated planograms based on machine data.
  • Optimize product placement and drive greater machine-level sales.


  • Generate accurate pre-kits for each machine based on real-time, machine-level inventory data.
  • Minimize bring backs by up to 70%.
  • Eliminate over-filling machines and prevent future stale-outs.

Proactive Machine Maintenance

  • Stay on top of operational status with 24/7 machine-level monitoring.
  • Identify and service issues with smart alerts for bill and coin jams and power failure warnings.
  • Create, assign, and track service tickets.

Comprehensive Back Office Control

  • Prevent human error and theft through automated inventory tracking and ordering.
  • Calculate commissions and taxes with ease.
  • Scale your enterprise with enhanced business intelligence and custom reporting.

Integrate your market and OCS routes.

Seed Markets integrates the route scheduling, warehouse pre-picking, and reporting for your market locations in one vending management system.

Seed Delivery streamlines your OCS with paperless email invoicing, integrated web ordering, and dynamic mobile delivery management.

Streamline your warehouse operations.

The Seed Warehouse mobile app lets you manage warehouse inventory from an Android or iOS device. Easily manage product purchases, initiate transfers, and take inventory — all in one app.

  • Eliminate outdated handles with an app built for modern smartphones.​
  • Bring complete transparency to your warehouse and reduce human error.​
  • Enable better control and management with a step-by-step interface.​

Make picking orders a breeze.

Upgrade your picking process with Seed Pick Easy — a warehouse picking system designed to save time and costs for operators of all sizes. Pickers can work on up to eight orders at a time with the user-friendly, tablet-based software. 

  • Eliminate paper-based picking processes. 
  • Sync data between your management platform and picking tablet(s). 
  • Enable pickers to pick different parts of an order at the same time. 

Simplify your service routes.

Clear service schedules. Fast inventory updates. More accountability tools. Seed Driver makes service stops simpler with one easy-to-use mobile app, available in iOS and Android. The whole inventory and restocking process can now be done in minutes, on the go.

  • Require full inventories or spot checks by location via push notification
  • View par, cap, pick, spoil, and removed quantities on a single screen.
  • Toggle between route locations remaining and those already serviced.

Save time and money on price changes.

Remote Price Change (RPC) helps operators by making individual or bulk price changes as easy as pressing a button.

  • Change coil prices in minutes, as many times as you need.
  • Stay ahead of supplier price increases and protect your profit margins.
  • Save big on labor costs and avoid pulling a tech off more important jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seed Pro software right for your business?

Seed Pro was designed for enterprise-level operators with more than 200 vending machines or multiple micro market locations. It helps businesses know what products to stock and when to service their machines, which ultimately reduces the amount of routes they’re running

Why does this matter? Operators without vending machine management software typically restock based on general knowledge of past visits and tend to use a static schedule to manage their machines. On the other hand, operators integrated with Seed Pro use historical sales data from each machine to determine where and when to send drivers to restock.

What’s the difference between Seed Live and Seed Pro?

Seed Live is the software that comes standard when you purchase a Cantaloupe card reader and is ideal for small businesses that have a few vending machines. If you’re looking to track and report on sales data or machine performance, then stick with Seed Live.

For operators with hundreds of machines, or those with a mix of vending, micro market, and OCS accounts, go with Seed Pro. With Seed Pro, you can create a dynamic restocking schedule and integrate different tools to help your back-office operations. In addition, Seed Pro is a comprehensive vending management system that can assist in pre-packing deliveries to your machines — so your drivers are only bringing the inventory and can save valuable time during the restocking process.

What’s the difference between Seed Cashless+ and Seed Pro?

Both vending management systems offer machine and inventory insights. However, Seed Pro is designed for the enterprise-sized operation with a more robust collection of features on top of what is offered with Seed Cashless+. Seed Pro takes insights a step further and provides enterprise-level capabilities like dynamic route scheduling, custom reporting, pre-kit pick lists, and more. These functions may exceed the needs of operations under 200 machines. 

How does Seed Pro help you optimize driver routes?

The biggest challenge currently faced by vending machine operators? The price of labor and trucks, including maintenance and gas.

With Seed Pro, drivers can service more machines on a single route, reducing labor costs and the number of drivers needed. This can ultimately minimize operating costs while giving the same level of service and ability to your end-user.

Through Seed Pro, operators can pre-kit their products at the warehouse based on each specific spot on a driver’s route. That means drivers no longer have to perform manual inventory checks at each machine to determine which products need to be restocked. They only take a single trip to the machine with their pre-kitted totes — saving hours of work for your drivers and maximizing each delivery route.

How does Seed Pro help you manage vending inventory?

Seed Pro tells you which products are running low in which machines — making inventory management a breeze. Instead of assuming that your machine has been selling the same way that it has in the past, you can see sales and purchase data in real time. This data helps you make more informed decisions and operate more efficiently.

How does Seed Pro stack up against competitors?

Seed Pro is one of the best vending management systems on the market and comes with tools and features you won’t find on other vending management options.

Because Seed Pro uses historical sales data to make estimates, you can make restocking decisions based on highly accurate predictions. This means you save time across your entire operation — from your warehouse and inventory staff to your drivers in the field.

Another benefit of Seed Pro? Dynamic scheduling. Rather than running the same routes on a static schedule, Seed Pro’s algorithm identifies highly efficient routes that help your business maintain high levels of service with less driver time on the road.

Additionally, the Remote Price Change tool in Seed Pro enables you to remotely change your coil prices — without ever having to physically visit your machines. Changing product prices directly in the Seed dashboard helps you adapt to inflation and rising product costs at a moment’s notice.

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