Enhance delivery and reporting with one platform.

The Seed Delivery platform provides a single interface for scheduling, warehouse picking, and ticket fulfillment to automate your OCS and delivery services. Seed Delivery integrates with Seed Pro to enable you to streamline different service types into a single route and consolidate operational reporting for a single view of account performance and profitability.

  • Create hybrid routes with pantry, OCS, micro markets, and vending in one platform.
  • Manage performance and profitability in one central reporting interface.
  • Use one handheld app for all business types.

Enable flexible order creation and management.

Empower account managers to place orders through Seed Delivery’s online ordering portal and allow drivers to do off-the-truck delivery.

  • Manage ordering and delivery wherever you are.
  • Configure schedules and pricing by customer.
  • Support pre-sale, off-the-truck, online, and telephone orders by customer accounts.

Ditch paper and go mobile.

Create and manage delivery orders using any mobile device. Eliminate paper processes with Seed Driver mobile ordering and paperless signature capabilities.

  • Utilize “sign-with-your-finger” paperless invoicing.
  • Support accounts with multiple service types with Seed Delivery’s comprehensive invoicing.
  • Drivers can edit orders and update delivery statements within the Seed Driver app.

Resources for OCS operators.

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