Seed Driver

Servicing made easy.

Clear service schedules. Fast inventory updates. More accountability tools. Make service stops simpler with one easy-to-use mobile app.

Simplify each location visit with Seed Driver.

Save time with your new all-in-one tool for service and inventory. Our new mobile app integrates with Seed Cashless+ and Seed Pro to make real-time updates for each of your locations. Available on iOS and Android.

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Inventory in an instant.

With Seed Driver, you can enter product inventory straight into the app. The whole inventory process can now be done in minutes.

  • Enable full inventories or spot checks by location via push notification
  • View par, cap, pick, spoil, and removed quantities on a single screen
  • Toggle between route locations remaining and those already serviced

Restock with precision.

Know what to remove or restock via a simple planogram display in the app. That way, you only touch the sections that need it.

  • Scan with a phone camera instead of scrolling for products
  • Get location-level accountability with photo/video audits
  • Eliminate ad-hoc merchandising to keep locations to standard

Eliminate paper completely.

Make OCS account updates or product switchouts based on your clients’ preferences — without a single piece of paper.

  • Make on-site updates instantly
  • Capture signatures with “sign-with-your-finger” capabilities
  • Send invoices and order confirmations digitally

Ready to see the app in action? Watch the video to learn why Seed Driver will become your new best friend.

Seed Driver comes free with Seed.

Know where to go, when to go and what to take to each of your micro market locations with Seed.

For the solo or small operator, pair Seed Driver with software that can increase your efficiency and drive greater revenue.


For the mid-size or enterprise operator, your drivers will service more machines per route and you’ll have greater in-the-field visibility.