Automate your customer service with self-order kiosks. 

Reduce the need for front-of-house personnel with a kiosk that doesn’t need an attendant to manage. Our line of self-checkout kiosks makes it quick and simple for your customers to order, grab, and go. 


  • Accept all forms of cashless (or cash) payments. 
  • Take up less space with small countertop kiosk models. 
  • Intuitive UI for consumers to easily browse, select, and pay.  
  • Comes with Cantaloupe Go, our easy-to-use sales and inventory management software. 

Offer more options with the Cooler Café.

The Cooler Café is a standalone smart cooler with a point of sale. It remains locked until payment is processed, and customers shop and pay at the touchscreen terminal or via mobile app.


  • Link one payment terminal for up to three coolers.
  • Customized planograms to fit your product mix.
  • Accept multiple cashless payment methods.
  • Merchandise with cooler, freezer, and hybrid options.

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Never worry about health scares again. 

With our Smart Lock technology, you can remotely monitor the temperature on your coolers, lock and unlock, or even reset. And you can do it all via a browser-based dashboard or mobile app.  

Bring self-service to your restaurant.

Talk to our team about what options we have for your business.