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Your full line of solutions for self-service commerce. From office break rooms to apartment complex lobbies and everywhere in between, Cantaloupe Go can go anywhere you do business.

Elevate the self-service experience.

Cantaloupe Go has everything you need to build a micro market from the ground up. And you can keep tabs on all your locations in our Cantaloupe Go management platform.


Simplify the self-checkout experience with our modern line of self-service kiosk POS systems.

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Coolers and freezers

Offer more fresh and frozen food options. And, you can add Smart Lock technology for remote locking and real-time temperature monitoring.

Cabinetry and signage

Choose from multiple cabinetry color options to get the right look for your market, and customize with your own branding and signage.

Smart Stores

Deliver a micro market experience with a smaller footprint. Our new Cooler Café and Smart Market use Smart Lock technology to remain locked until a payment is processed. Ask your Cantaloupe rep for more info.

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Bring self-service to all your locations. 

Break Rooms



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38% of consumers would like to try non-traditional, unattended shopping experiences.

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