Cooler Café 

The flexibility of a vending machine. The product mix of a ​​micro market. Do more in less space with the Cooler Café, the standalone smart cooler with a point of sale. It remains locked until payment is processed, and customers shop and pay at the touchscreen terminal or via mobile app. Watch this video to learn how the Cooler Café works. 


  • Link one payment terminal for up to three coolers. 
  • Accept multiple cashless payment methods. 
  • Merchandise with cooler, freezer, and hybrid options. 
  • Create customized planograms based on your unique product mix. 

Keep your product secure with Smart Lock technology. 

With a built-in Smart Lock, you can manage and monitor each of your locking coolers directly in the Cantaloupe Go online dashboard. Or you can monitor temperature in real time, lock/unlock, and restart on the go with the Smart Lock mobile app. 

Smart Café

Coming Soon 

The Smart Café uses dynamic vision and AI technology to charge the consumer for products they select out of the cooler. Consumers simply present their payment, grab the item, and walk away — and the Smart Café will process the payment immediately. 


  • Use the plug-and-play setup. No light sensors, weights, or RFID tags needed. 
  • Sell a variety of higher-margin and specialized products. 
  • Accept multiple cashless payment methods. 
  • ​​Eliminate shrinkage with integrated AI camera technology to track each product. 
Smart Market

Where can you place a smart cooler?

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