Save time and money on price changes.

Remote Price Change (RPC) helps operators stay ahead of shifting market demands by making price changes as easy as pressing a button.

Remote Price Change



  • Change coil prices from Seed without driving to a machine.
  • Submit bulk changes for multiple machines/routes at one.
  • Know which machines can make remote price changes with the RPC Compatibility Report in Seed.



  • Change coil prices in minutes, as many times as you need.
  • Stay ahead of supplier price increases and protect your profit margins.
  • Save big on labor costs and avoid pulling a tech off more important jobs.

“Before, a bank of four machines used to take 30 minutes [to change prices]. Now, we can do 100 machines in 30 minutes, without putting any trucks in the field.”

Brian Potts, Continental Services

“RPC saves a lot of man-hour expenses. Instead of sending a tech out there to do a physical change on a machine, it’s an instant, overnight change.”

Joseph Barnett, Refresh Sips & Eats

“I implemented Seed Pro on March 29th [2023] and we’re already beyond what I thought the ROI would be…I didn’t think we’d see ROI yet, and we’re so far beyond that it’s crazy.”

Shaun Dayton, Canteen of Northern California

“[Hiring someone to change prices on machines] costs more than just compensation. It’s wear and tear on the vehicles, gas prices, it was a really big pain point for us and we didn’t even realize it when we were getting price increases once a year. Now it’s historic increases quarterly. The timing for this [RPC] could not be better for our industry. It’s really been a godsend for us.”

Patrick Sheehan, Sheehan Brothers Vending

Remote Price Change FAQs

How does Remote Price Change work exactly?

When the user clicks the “update pricing” button, Seed sends a configuration report update to the device on the machine. In the next DEX report from the machine, Seed will receive confirmation of the price change. If the price change fails for any reason, the user will see a notice that it failed and they will not be charged.

What is the Price Exceptions Report?

The Price Exceptions Report shows all your machines where the current price being charged at the machine does not match what you selected in Seed. This can happen after you change a coil pricing and have not updated the machine via Remote Price Change or physically out in the field. 

Can I see a list of all my successful remote price changes?

Yes, there is a custom report in Spotlight called ‘Remote Price Change Requests’ that allows you to see all successful Remote Price Changes.

Are all vending machines compatible with Remote Price Change?

Not today, but we are constantly adding more machines to work with RPC. 

What Seed software do I need to use Remote Price Change?

All customers with Seed Cashless+ or Seed Pro can use Remote Price Change (excluding Greenlite customers).

Can all users on my account use Remote Price Change?

No, only Admins can use RPC. Admins can also extend RPC permissions to other users.

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