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Save Time and Money with Remote Price Change

June 14, 2022 | By Sonya Lehner

Save Time and Money with Remote Price Change

Author’s Note: This article was originally published on June 25, 2020. We’ve updated it with more information and product features.

The costs of running a vending business keep going up.

In 2022 alone, operators are facing an inflation surge that affects the price of products, gas, and labor. On average, it can cost $50 and 45 minutes for a tech to manually change prices in one machine. And that’s not even calculating fuel costs and travel time to get to that machine.

So how can you keep up with cost increases before they start to affect your bottom line? And how can you keep track of prices across each one of your machines?

That’s where Remote Price Change can help.

Change machine prices — remotely

With Remote Price Change (RPC), you can update the coil prices in your vending machines directly within Seed® — from any computer, phone, or tablet.

Save time and effort

Managing RPC through the Seed platform means you can have one person or team handling pricing at a desk instead of dedicating multiple vehicles and techs to changing prices manually.

Protect your margins

The cost of doing business continues to go up, and it’s unlikely that will change anytime soon. Which means you can’t afford to be reactive. RPC lets you pass on those costs into your product pricing before it becomes a problem.

Grow your revenue

Faster, cheaper price changes create more opportunities for you to sell through more product and make more money. Want to blow out product? With RPC, you can discount the product you want to get rid of and move through short-dated items quickly. You can also implement dynamic pricing through RPC by increasing product prices during high demand times or run reward programs with your clients to offer discounts or subsidies for limited periods.

Learn how much time and money you could save with our Remote Price Change calculator.

Take advantage of enhanced reporting and controls

Remote Price Change is a tool that makes it easier for you to run your business, with reports that give you full visibility into your machines.

See which machines are Remote Price Change compatible

So how do you know which of your machines work with Remote Price Change? The RPC Compatibility Report will tell you whether:

  1. Your machine and/or device is RPC-supported
  2. You need to update your firmware or replace your device to be RPC-supported
  3. Your machine is not RPC-supported

Get full price visibility with Price Exception Alert

Re-merchandising and supplier price changes can lead to mismatched product pricing between your vending management system and your machines.

To address pricing issues, try using the Price Exception Alert in Seed. This report tells you which product coils have prices different from the price sent in the last DEX report for each of your machines. This protects your margins and saves you time trying to manually find and fix pricing errors.

Having remote price change capabilities can transform your vending business to run more efficiently. Instead of feeling like you’re always playing “catch-up,” you can make price changes quickly and easily within Seed — no matter where you are.


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