Pick smarter, not harder.

With Seed Pick Easy’s warehouse picking software, you simply push pick orders from your management platform straight to a picker’s tablet so they can prepare pre-kits with more speed and accuracy.

Warehouse staffer placing bottled beverages into a tote for pre-kitting.

Cut picking times up to 50%.

Seed Pick Easy replaces your old paper picking process with an efficient digital pick list.

  • Pickers can pick up to eight orders at a time, compared to one on paper.
  • Simply touch the screen and move onto your next item.
  • Data syncs from your tablet back to your management platform, so nobody needs to manually enter pick changes.

Eliminate inaccurate picks and data.

Our warehouse picking software integration reduces the risk of human error when picking.

  • Data syncs between management platform and tablet, uninterrupted.
  • Pictures of product appear on the tablet, so pickers know exactly what to grab.
  • No more misreading someone’s handwriting!

Improve warehouse organization.

Seed Pick Easy walks your pickers through an orderly flow.

  • No more disorganized and inefficient free-for-all picking.
  • Pick different parts of an order at the same time.

Get better warehouse picking with Seed Pick Easy.

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