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Cantaloupe Welcomes the Yoke Payments Team

August 17, 2021 | By Cantaloupe, Inc.

Cantaloupe Welcomes the Yoke Payments Team

Today, we are very pleased to announce we have acquired Yoke Payments (Delicious Nutritious LLC, dba Yoke Payments™), we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Yoke to the Cantaloupe family. This is a great fit, from both a business and culture perspective.

Micro markets are the fastest growing segment of the unattended retail industry. While we already provide logistics and payments services for thousands of micro markets, we knew that extending our fully integrated solution to point-of-sale was important to our customers. We have known Mike and Ben for many years and this acquisition was a natural progression of our relationship, as they looked to scale the business. With this addition to our product portfolio, we will expand our reach into micro markets and help drive this market segment forward.

As we join forces, we remain focused on providing our customers with the most innovative products and services in our industry. Now we will be able to expand our micro market offerings to any location as we continue to invest in the market, unlocking new revenue and optimization opportunities and enabling them to further scale their business into this important and growing retail segment.

Yoke is a point-of-sale platform that currently integrates seamlessly with more than 40 major platforms and is already integrated with Seed Markets. This integration enables faster onboarding through a plug-and-play setup that simplifies operations and reduces costs—making Yoke and Seed Markets a highly-scalable, profitable micro market solution for small to medium businesses, as well as for enterprise customers looking to optimize existing locations. The acquisition enables us to extend our fully integrated Seed Markets solution to the point of sale for our customers. In addition, we’ll be able to serve any location in the world, unlocking new revenue and optimization opportunities as you scale your business.

We are very excited to have the Yoke Payments Team join us. We are leaders in this industry, and we believe this is an important step in growing our micromarkets solution faster. It’s an important step in helping the world buy it and go.

How do I add Yoke to my location? Click the link below to learn more.


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