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Learn how Group C Expanded into Micro Markets and Grew their Revenue

December 19, 2019 | By Michael Johnson

Learn how Group C Expanded into Micro Markets and Grew their Revenue

About Group C 

Group C is the largest independent vending company in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Mike Casione founded the organization in 1989 as CC Vending and expanded to over 15,000 machines. During that time, Mike enhanced his business with technology and wireless systems, which are vital in the vending industry. With a continued focus on innovation, Mike evolved CC Vending to Group C, a wireless technology firm that offers everything from vending and coffee services to micro-markets and hotel pantry solutions.  

Venturing into Micro Markets  

micro markets

With its large vending footprint and impressive reputation, Group C attained a large corporate client that included five buildings and over 48,000 employees across New York City. This was a huge opportunity for Group C. The client needed them to build micro markets in each of the large breakrooms and on every floor of their buildings. Each of which housed 75-300 employees. To do this, Group C needed a partner in micro markets to provide excellent technology and consistent processes for managing inventory, scheduling routes, and reporting.  

Selecting Yoke as a Micro Market Partner  

Group C chose Yoke Payments as its micro market solution and partner. Yoke’s market POS terminal and smartphone app offered the top-notch system and the dedicated support that their client needed. Additionally, Yoke’s pricing model was based on a flat monthly rate, which allowed Group C to quickly see profits and ROI.  

Positive Business Outcomes 

We invite you to download Group C’s case study to find out how Yoke Payments helped them quickly scale into the micro market space and grow their revenue. 

Read and learn how Group C:  

  • Significantly increased their revenue with micro markets 
  • Increased their average purchase amount with a new product mix 
  • No longer pays out commissions on products 
  • Improved customer retention and engagement 


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