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How Warehouse Picking Software Will Streamline Your Vending Operation

February 20, 2024 | By Cantaloupe, Inc.

How Warehouse Picking Software Will Streamline Your Vending Operation

As operators grow, they often continue to use the processes that worked when they were smaller. But relying on manual warehouse operations and using paper lists to pick orders will hinder further business growth.  

Fortunately, warehouse picking software can help streamline your warehouse operations. It will save time, increase efficiency, and reduce human error in your picking and pre-kitting processes.  

The challenges of a manual picking process 

This is how manual picking tends to go for a lot of vending operators: 

A list of product type and quantity to be restocked for each machine/location is pulled from your vending management software (VMS) or market management software (MMS). The list for each order is printed or written down on paper to hand off to the warehouse for order picking. The warehouse will assign a picker to a certain number of orders, who will walk around the warehouse to grab what’s on the pick list(s). That picker will record what they pick and note any changes/differences/shorts for each product. The picked order is then manually re-entered into the VMS or MMS to keep track of inventory levels in the warehouse. 

This manual picking process has several issues. 

  1. It takes a lot of time to pick orders. 
  1. It’s hard for a single picker to handle more than one order at a time. 
  1. There’s a higher chance of human error in your pre-kitting. 

If you’re looking to streamline your operations, a warehouse picking system can save time and improve the accuracy of your pre-kits. 

The benefits of warehouse picking software 

There are a few types of warehouse picking software, but operators commonly use a “mobile,” or tablet-based system. This type of system runs off touchscreen tablets that integrate directly with a VMS. 

With a tablet-based system, pick lists are digitally pushed to a tablet. The tablet shows a picture of the product and quantity to be picked. If a picker needs to make a change to the pick, they can simply update the quantity on the tablet screen and move on. The inventory information is then updated in real time back inside the VMS/MMS. 

What are the advantages of using a warehouse picking system? 

  1. Makes picking go faster. 
  1. Eliminates manual processes. 
  1. Reduces human error. 

Tablet-based warehouse picking systems can also display multiple orders on a single screen, so pickers can work on more than one order at a time. Increased efficiency for each picker means you can keep labor costs in check. 

How to implement warehouse picking software 

When transitioning to a warehouse picking system, organization is key. So is having the proper tools in place. For instance, you need to make sure you’re already up and running on a VMS or MMS prior to implementing new warehouse picking software. 

The first step is to take a look at the layout of your warehouse. Is it set up into zones, with snacks, drinks, and fresh/frozen food in their own sections? Or is it more thrown together? Part of setting up your picking software will include mapping your product locations and rearranging the warehouse into a more efficient flow.  

Then, you need to get your staff on board. That requires communication and training on the software and technology they’ll be using, so they understand how it works. Effective training will help ease the transition, especially if your pickers are used to a certain way of doing things. 

Finally, a critical step to implementing new warehouse picking software is testing. Try starting in one location with one picker, who can help you test out the system without risking too much disruption in your operation.  

With these tips, you can make sure your operation continues to run smoothly as you switch over to warehouse picking software. 

Seed Pick Easy 

If you’re looking for a warehouse picking solution, Seed Pick Easy is a cost-effective option.  

Seed Pick Easy integrates seamlessly with Seed Pro and the Cantaloupe Go platform to support order picking for vending, micro market, and office coffee/pantry accounts. Operators who’ve implemented this tablet-based picking software can pick up to 8 orders at once, have cut picking times by up to 50%, eliminated paper pick lists, and reduced human error in their picking processes. It’s very easy to get started with Pick easy — it can be implemented without shutting down your warehouse and is almost half the price of the leading competitor.

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