CHEQ Digest Release Notes

February 2024

We are excited to launch the CHEQ Digest Newsletter where we will share new product features, interface enhancements, and latest partnerships, along with many other exciting updates!

CHEQ Product

Self checkout: Our latest product offering– Self Checkout! You can now scan items, add them to your cart, and pay by credit card or tap. Perfect for grab-and-go market concepts and line-buster areas. You can also apply savings– CHEQ loyalty has already been implemented with more loyalty programs to follow.

Notes: UPC codes need to be updated for all menu items in PWA so that whenever the item is scanned it is added to the cart.

CHEQ Platform

Prevent deletion of primary Admin: You will no longer be able to accidentally delete/ remove access to any account in PWA.

  • When the Admin or any user account is to be deleted from PWA the user should be able to do so. Now the user gets a warning message asking for confirmation as shown in the below message. If you click on confirm, the account will be deleted.