CHEQ Digest Release Notes

March 2024

The CHEQ Digest Newsletter is where we will share new product features, interface enhancements, and latest partnerships, along with many other exciting updates!

CHEQ Platform

SKU – Menu management: SKU menu management will allow your teams to create an item once and be able to drop it into any menu. Anytime you need to make a change to the price, image or description you will only have to do it once and it will show on every single menu that the item exists on. This will save time and ensure consistency across all revenue centers.

  • Archive a SKU item: 
    You can now archive a menu item which will show up in the archived tab if the SKU template is not going to be used for the next season. This will allow you to remove an item from all menus at once. Saving time and making sure an item is not accidentally still listed on the customer facing menu.

  • Restore Item functionality: 
    We now can restore the items which have been archived and this can be restored easily by selecting the item. If you archive an item accidentally you can restore the item and it will reappear on all menus it was previously programmed on.


CHEQ Reporting

New reports tab order drilldown: You can now click on order id to see the order details, download a PDF copy of the receipt, and also issue a refund. This will make it more efficient when using the reports to be able to have all features in one location.