Cooler Café

The security of a vending machine.
The product mix of a micro market.

The Cooler Café delivers the micro market experience with a smaller footprint. Equipped with Cantaloupe’s Smart Lock technology and cashless POS device, the Cooler Café remains locked until a payment is made.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Shop the cooler by browsing the products displayed on the payment terminal.
  • Select your products by adding them to your cart and completing payment.
  • Enjoy your items once the cooler unlocks and allows you to grab and go.

Get the Cooler Café

21″ Smart Cooler Benefits

Extra Depth

Cooler Depth:

  • Ours: 33.4”
  • Theirs: 21”

More Shelves

Number of Shelves:

  • Ours: 6
  • Theirs: 4



  • Ours: 3/5hp
  • Theirs: 1/3hp

Black Interior

Dark interior makes depleted stock look full

Space Saving

Great for small spaces or semi-private locations


Cooler auto-locks when temperatures get too high

Easily manage your Cooler Café in Seed Markets.

(Standard Seed Markets rates apply)


  • Integrate micro markets and vending
  • Streamline operations
  • Simplify warehouse management
  • Improve reporting