FAQs: Taxes & 1099s

Will Cantaloupe provide me with a year end 1099 Form for my taxes?

If your account has made in excess of $20,000.00, a 1099 Form will be mailed to you. 

When will those forms be sent / When can I expect to receive them?

Forms are mailed out before January 31st. Due to delays and slowdowns with the USPS, there could be delays in receiving the forms.

I believe my form is lost / I lost my form / The it has been a month and it has not arrived, what do I do?

Email and request a form be re-sent. Please include your Account name, a contact phone number and email address as well as the address where the form should be mailed.

I am not sure if I should have received a 1099 form, can you check?

You can call our customer service team at 888-561-4748 to confirm if your company should have received forms.

How do I organize my tax information if I do not qualify for a 1099 form?

There are two reports in Seed Live that you can run to help you calculate your yearly tax liability: the Sales Rollup Report and the Payment Reconciliation Report. 

To learn where to find these reports and how to run then, watch this video or contact us at 888-561-4748 and speak to our customer service team for instructions.

How do I submit a new W-9 Form to Cantaloupe?

Please complete a W-9 Form by clicking here, and then submitting it to [email protected] to ensure we get your account updated with the latest TIN information.

Why would I need to submit a new W-9 Form to Cantaloupe?

If and when the TIN number on your account files with Cantaloupe does not match the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) records.  The IRS considers a TIN as incorrect if, either the name or number shown on an account does not match a name and number combination in their files, or the files of the Social Security Administration (SSA).  This information is necessary for us to continue servicing your account.