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More power at your fingertips with Remote Price Change

June 25, 2020 | By Kelly Chang

More power at your fingertips with Remote Price Change

How many times have you had to pull a service tech off of important projects or repairs to update the pricing on your machines? How often have you had to choose between correcting pricing errors at machines, or keeping your operating costs down? With Remote Price Change, you no longer have to make those decisions, because updating prices can be done quickly and easily right from your office.

With Remote Price Change, you can change the coil prices in your vending machines from any computer, phone, or tablet – directly from Seed. RPC is a feature within the Seed platform where it’s easy to manage pricing from a single place.

Importance of Remote Capabilities

With the impacts of COVID-19 on industries like vending, having remote capabilities is now more important than ever. Re-merchandising is happening more and more frequently to accommodate new customer demand. Locations are limiting the number of people allowed in their facilities and restricting the times they are allowing access. Operators are looking for new ways they can run their business while keeping tight controls on operating costs. Remote Price Change can help arm operators with the right tools to accomplish these goals.

Save time and effort with just a few clicks.

$90-100 this is the average cost for an operator to change the pricing at one machine. 2-3 hours, this is the average amount of time it takes a skilled technician to change that pricing. On top of all this, operators are paying fuel and windshield time for the tech to get to that location. Office workers are having to schedule those techs and then confirm that all of the prices were changed correctly. RPC enables you to stop spending time and manpower where you don’t need to when you could just take a few minutes and make the changes remotely. Check out our demo video to learn more about Remote Price Change.

Ensure that you are charging the correct prices.

Keeping track of all your product’s prices at all of your machines can be quite a challenge. With any Vending Management System (VMS), it is common for operators to be charging different prices than they intended across many machines, due to product remerchandising or price changes. This can cost real money in missed revenue, and also require hours trying to find out where your pricing errors are. To help address these issues, we implemented a new alert report in Seed, Price Exception Alerts. With this alert, you can get notified of which product coils have prices that are different from the price sent in the last DEX report. This can ensure you are not missing out on sales, where the actual price is lower than what you intended it to be.

How Seed can help you better manage your vending business.

Take the manual steps of setting prices at your machines’ locations out of your daily schedules. Seed will alert you when the prices you set in Seed are different than what the machines are actually charging customers. Plus, you can easily update mismatched coil prices without having to create a service ticket or physically visit the machine. In addition to adding more compatible vending machine types, we are actively working on bringing more RPC functionality to help you run a more efficient operation.

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